Mike Flynn on Stupid Atheist Tricks

I had never noticed this particular contradiction in the atheist arsenal of argument-padding in the struggle against You Know Who.  But now that he names it, I find myself going, “Oh yeah!  They do do that a lot, don’t they?”: The usual suspects are at work where the Statistician to the Stars is manfully working [Read More…]

Atheist TV debuts…

For people who can’t handle the pulse-pounding action of CSpan, there is now a channel dedicated (if it is honest) to repeating “There is no God” 24/7/365. Since there are only two decent arguments for that, this means that the other 23:58 of programming per day is going to get pretty dull for all but [Read More…]

Human toothaches…

… get pulled by the Pliers of Justice. Be strong, you sobbing blobs of empty hysterical outrage. There will be plenty of other opportunities to obsess over ruining other people’s comfort and hope. [Read more…]

Atheists have the lowest retention rate…

of any religious group. You can only shout “There is no God!” and make the Sign of the Fist so many times before it gets kinda boring. The numbers tend to hover around 4% of the population. Most people don’t have the kind of personality necessary to make being a dedicated evangelical atheist like this [Read More…]

Give Thou Me a Break

Puhleeze: When the American Atheists first filed their lawsuit in state court seeking to have the [Ground Zero] cross torn down and removed from the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum, they actually asserted in their complaint that their members were experiencing “dyspepsia [upset stomach], symptoms of depression, headaches, anxiety, and mental pain and anguish” as a “direct [Read More…]

The Moxieful Leah Libresco Gets Interviewed about her conversion

…by the president of Atheist Ireland: [Read more…]

More Atheists Like This Please!

A nice piece on atheists who are not an embarrassment to the human mind. [Read more…]

Atheists: Our Moral and Intellectual Superiors

Here’s an atheist struggling with the perennial moral quandary: Dachau:  Good or evil? Admittedly, it’s a really hard question to answer–“Mass murder: good or evil?”–but you’d think that somebody as devoted to the worship of the intellect as a New Atheist would be able to slog through the complexities of the problem and arrive at [Read More…]

More Atheists…

…like this guy please. [Read more…]

Atheist Stupid Pet Tricks

As night follows day, when you try to point out that, wrong as the burning of Giordano Bruno (or any other heretic) was, there is no Catholic “War on Science” and he was not a martyr in that fictional war, the atheist brigade shows up to change the subject and shout “O the humanity!  Medievals [Read More…]