A Reader Asks About Arguing with Atheism

…over at the Register.  An atheist respondent replies that there are no arguments for atheism, notes that he has never heard of Thomas’ two arguments for atheism, and then appeals to babies being atheists as support for his position.  Not one of the finer moments from the Cult of Intellect Worship. Update: Whew. Commenter Michael over [Read More...]

Evangelical Atheism…

Not a religion or anything. An atheist church devoted to endless empty sneering. I’m reminded of this bit of wisdom from the immortal Sally Sparrow: Conversely, sneering is depth for shallow people. All the boredom and none of the hope.  Who can resist? [Read more...]

Third Argument Against Existence of God Discovered

St. Thomas, who always tried to be thorough and fair, surveyed the whole history of human thought and could only come up with two really decent arguments against the existence of God. For all of history up to the present, all really good atheist arguments boil down to one or both of these, repeated and [Read More...]


All about fearless pursuit of the Facts wherever they lead! Except when they don’t lead to where atheism likes.  Then you just clam up and move on without apology, retraction, or acknowledgement that you were totally wrong. Update: The author gets around to admitting his mistake a month later. Hostile Minion then *immediately* demands to [Read More...]

Oh. So. True.

Mike Flynn notes the following remark on academic cowardice when it comes to the Darwin Mythos: Science Kicks the Creationist Dog A hard scientist can’t complain (out loud) about the stupidity exhibited, for example, in the Women’s Studies  department, where students and teachers turn on the lights and fire up their laptops prior to discussing [Read More...]

ET and the Faith

No. Not Entertainment Tonight. ET. The Extraterrestrial. You know. Vulcans. Klingons. Horrible mucusy blobs and Platonic demigods of enlightenment. Squamous fungoid and rugose eldritch horrors who lie dreaming and awaiting their chance to drive mankind insane in a hideous dark apocalypse. Cool, post-theistic technocrats offering us the way of salvation via tachyon emission generators and [Read More...]

Recommended Atheist Reading

This is kind of fun. Former atheist, now Catholic, scifi/fantasy writer John C. Wright offers his list of recommended atheist writers. It’s a bleak list for the most part, but if you are going to immerse yourself in the literature of negation, it’s better to read good writers, I suppose, than bag ladies screaming at [Read More...]

Interesting Study, Wrong-Headed Approach

Here’s a study from a website by a self-described “humanist” who is interested in “why some people believe in gods, and what the psychological and social consequences of those beliefs are.” The study show something that doesn’t surprise me a bit: “symptoms of autism correlated with lack of belief in God”. This does not, of [Read More...]

Can Evangelical Atheists Make Common Cause with Christians?

The Catholic faith teaches that we can make common cause with anybody of good will. Not about everything, of course, but about things we agree on. So, for instance, an atheist who believes in liberty and says, “I disagree with every word you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it” [Read More...]

An Honest Atheist Grapples…

…with the problem of evil over at the Register. [Read more...]