You know that whole “The Star of Bethlehem is Just Mythology” thing?

Turns out not so much as you might think. Here’s the thing about the gospels. There really is nothing quite like them in the annals of world literature and the sooner you confront that fact, the less chance you have of the media making you stupid about them. On the one hand, the gospels clearly [Read More...]

Atheists Continue to Win Popularity Contests With Their Charm

Mike Flynn relates the following tales of atheist social imbecility: A headline from the Puffington Host informs us that in the on-going struggle to ensure that no one ever enjoys a benefit not enjoyed by everyone else [see single weddings, above] Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen Must Offer Atheists Its Church-Goer Discount, State Rules How a [Read More...]

Losing Gracefully

Via Leah Libresco comes a rather charming take on her baptismal Mass from an atheist friend of hers.  I hope he sticks around.  I like the guy. [Read more...]

More Proof for Atheism!

The God delusion is so strong it persists even when the brain shuts down and is unable to delude itself! Note too the resemblance between the doctor’s non-hallucinating hallucination and religious claims about angels — that completely proves that this is a delusion! What actually happened is that when the physician came out of the [Read More...]

A prime example of how deeply shallow internet atheism is

…can be seen in this ridiculous “Atheist Prayer Experiment” currently being conducted elsewhere on Patheos: Today’s the big day! It’s the beginning of my 40-day trial by prayer. I’m to pray for two to three minutes per day as sincerely as convenient and ask God to reveal himself to me. I’m to watch for signs [Read More...]

New Atheists Face Various Problems

For instance, maintaining a plausible sense of dudgeon when a theist says atheism is abnormal is difficult to do when you are, in fact, abnormal. Fact: when you only constitute 1.6% of the population (and vanishingly less when you include the human population stretching back to antiquity), you are the exception, not the rule. You [Read More...]

Fundamentalist Atheists Resolutely Resist New Ideas

Issue anathemas against fellow atheist for failing to be as shrill, bigoted and close-minded as the Soviet politburo of Truly True New Atheists. It really does remind one of a) a small fundamentalist Church drumming somebody out over some bizarre minor disagreement or b) the sort of ideological purity show trials one saw under Stalin. [Read More...]

Atheists Continue to Win Hearts and Minds With their Fetching Spokesmen

The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook [Read more...]

The Invaluable Tom Kreitzberg formulated…

Spong’s Law of Theophysical Asininity some time ago. It declares: Whenever a person appeals to quantum physics as the basis for a theological or religious principle, he is making an ass of himself. Stephen Barr, who is typically pretty smart about such matters, concurs and wisely answers the musical question “Does Quantum Physics Make it [Read More...]

Marc Barnes…

…deals with yet another New Atheist whose worship of his own intellect is in vast disproportion to his almost non-existent use of that intellect.  Funny, patient stuff. Seriously, what strikes me again and again about Internet Atheist culture is how, well, dumb these guys are who constantly trumpet their immense intellectual superiority.  They can’t even [Read More...]