Benedict’s Personal Secretary Is Not Happy

with the “Benedict Attacks Evil Pope Francis, Capsizer of the Church” narrative that is being promoted by the Francis-Haters at Lifesite and elsewhere: Responding to interpretations of a recent reference by emeritus Pope Benedict XVI to the Church being near “capsizing,” the retired pontiff’s closest aid on Tuesday said it’s a “fantasy” to set him [Read More…]

What Pope Benedict XVI Actually Said

A word of greeting from Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus, on the occasion of the funeral Mass of Cardinal Joachim Meisner, on 15th July 2017 In this hour, when the Church of Cologne and believers further afield take their leave of Cardinal Joachim Meissner, I am with them in my heart and thoughts and am pleased to [Read More…]


What we truly need in this moment of history are men who, through an illuminated living faith, make God credible in this world. The negative witness of Christians who speak of God and live against Him, has obscured the image of God and opened the door to incredulity. We need men who keep their eyes [Read More…]

Caritas in Veritate 7

Just a bit of Pope Benedict XVI for a Monday morning palate cleanser: “Another important consideration is the common good. To love someone is to desire that person’s good and to take effective steps to secure it. Besides the good of the individual, there is a good that is linked to living in society: the [Read More…]

Benedict Hearts Francis

Yep. Love both these guys. In Benedict XVI’s own words, he sees “no breach anywhere” between his pontificate and that of his successor. “New accents yes, but no contradictions,” he told Seewald. “He is a man of practical reform. And that is the courage with which he addresses problems and searches for solutions. [Read more…]

All of Media History Re: the Church since 2005

With Benedict, the Right believed fantasies about him as the Great Rottweiler and the Left believed and feared the Right’s fantasies. With Francis, the Left believes fantasies about him as the Great Heretic Reformer and the Right believes and fears the Left’s fantasies. [Read more…]

Benedict on Creation

Christopher Dodson of the North Dakota Catholic Conference writes: After reading some of the attacks on Pope Francis for “straying” into the subject of climate change that his predecessor supposedly would not have touched, I recalled that I had once compiled a list of speeches and addresses about climate change made Pope Benedict and members [Read More…]

Benedict XVI on the Council

He is his typical insightful self: “There was the Council of the Fathers — the real Council — but there was also the Council of the media,” said Benedict in his valedictory to his priests. “It was almost a Council apart, and the world perceived the Council through the latter, through the media. Thus, the [Read More…]

More Proof of What a Liberal Disaster Pope Francis is

Here he is writing with naked approval of socialism: “Socialism took two main paths — the democratic and the totalitarian one. Democratic socialism became a healthy counterbalance to radically liberal positions in both existing models. It enriched and corrected them. It proved itself even when religious confessions took over. In England, it was the Catholic [Read More…]

Pope Benedict and the Logic of Gratuity

Here’s a nice little discussion of Pope  Benedict’s thinking from Fr. Barron: This touches, in an interesting way, on the discussions last week concerning libertarianism, as we well as on the two camps of Moral Theology, which tend to ask “What’s the least I have to do to make the cut?” vs. “How can I [Read More…]