You Can Send a Word of Thanks to Pope Benedict

at Lovely idea. [Read more...]

Benedict and Gregory the Great

Michael Barber notes the rather clear and obvious influence Gregory has had on Benedict’s thinking in approach the question of his decision to leave the papacy. What a beautiful, clear-headed, humble, good man.  What a gift. [Read more...]

Various responses to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

including from Yr Obedient Svt. Very simply: I love the man and think him a great Pope, a great man, and a great saint. I hav nothing but gratitude to him and to God for giving him to us. I bless him on his way and I pray God give us a Holy Father far [Read More...]

With Friends Like FOX, Who Needs Enemies?

FOX declares Benedict a failure. The Holy Father should take the nastiness of a frenemy like FOX as a badge of honor.  What a disgusting piece of  bunk.  I much prefer the naked hostility of NPR or the NY Times to this “more in sorrow than in anger” bit of passive aggression. [Read more...]

In wake of B16 resignation…

…world media assumes heavy burden of a) gossiping about why a humble and weak old man is turning his office over to somebody stronger and better able to do it and b) telling the Church who that needs to be–because they are so qualified to do that. This is the hour when having a heirarchy [Read More...]


B16 resigns. Wow. Just wow. Fascinating. No big thoughts. Just…. wow. I wonder what happens next. I’ll miss him. A fine man. [Read more...]

Boy, is *this* guy out of step with St. Blog’s

While readers on FB and in my comboxes demand to know just when *would* I pluck up the courage to go to war, this wuss is suggesting we should be heading in the opposite direction in our inquiries on such matters: “There were not sufficient reasons to unleash a war against Iraq,” he said on [Read More...]

The Irrepressible Brandon Vogt…

recently posted a couple items youse guys might be interested in: (Video) Interview with      Fr. Barron – On Pope Benedict XVI and Jesus of Nazareth: The      Infancy Narratives 8 Books on J.R.R.      Tolkien’s Catholicism Check thou it out, dudes and dudettes! [Read more...]

Common Sense…

…that neither atheist fundamentalists nor Christian fundamentalists seem to be willing to hear: Currently, I see in Germany, but also in the United States, a somewhat fierce debate raging between so-called ‘creationism’ and evolutionism, presented as though they were mutually exclusive alternatives: those who believe in the Creator would not be able to conceive of [Read More...]

Pope Warns…

Attention Decadent West:  You are now entering a major “What could it hurt?” phase of history.  You will soon be experiencing the “How were we supposed to know?” phase.  Don’t be surprised if you civilization does not survive it.  God is not mocked.  Screw around with the family and you risk civilizational destruction. [Read more...]