John Zmirak: Emotional Blackmailer

So today, the Stream ran the latest in a long line of absurd emotional blackmail threats from John Zmirak. This one attempts to put us all in a full nelson and force us to believe that Good Catholics have to support the fascist xenophobe Marine Le Pen or we support nothing less than “Vichy Sharia”. [Read More…]

Trump: Super Duper Prolife Convert…

…appointed his daughter Ivanka ambassador to Planned Parenthood: In the weeks following her father’s inauguration, Ivanka Trump quietly reached out to the president of Planned Parenthood seeking common ground on the contentious issue of abortion. The first daughter requested a sit-down with Cecile Richards, the head of Planned Parenthood and a vocal surrogate for Hillary [Read More…]

Why Requiring Genetic Testing…

…is a violation of human rights. This is an obvious pro-life issue. [Read more…]

Papal academies: Biggest threat to planet is greed…

…not population growth. What’s curious is that it used to be conservative prolife people who banged away at that point. But as racists like Trump, Bannon, and Steve King have taken over, that narrative is falling to pieces. We used to hear about demographic winter and how we US Christians needed to have more kids [Read More…]

Tomi Lahren has carved out a little niche for herself

…as a conservative (and therefore conservative Christian) folk hero.  She’s said all the usual thing about contempt for and cruelty to the least of these that now constitute the gospel for the Republichristians and, of course, has received cheers from that demographic as a truth-telling babe, etc. Now she has come out as pro-choice. There [Read More…]

The Subsidiarity Case for Meals on Wheels

The primary achievement of the now-heretical “prolife” movement in its deathless dedication to defending every lie and cruelty the Party of Trump advocates is that it has become the loudest defender of cutting off food to poor old people and children and calling it “compassion”.  That is what the real time and energy of the [Read More…]

Conservative Catholics Got Together for a Confab at Trump Tower

John Gehring was there: Last week’s gathering mixed traditional Catholic religious practices with moments that felt uncomfortably nationalistic. For instance, the gathering opened with a “Patriotic Rosary for the Consecration of our Nation” that included readings from George Washington and John Adams. I was most disturbed by another reading in the rosary booklet from General [Read More…]

To be prolife is to be anti-poverty

Since poverty is the #1 abortifacient.  Elizabeth Stoker-Bruenig talks common sense over at the American Conservative. [Read more…]

The Prolife Movement has, in large measure, mutated into a heresy

Time was when being prolife meant “protection of human life from conception to natural death”. But the prolife movement, in large measure, chose to throw its lot in with a political movement that taught it to take one aspect of the gospel–protection of the unborn–and (as heresies do) turn that one thing into a weapon [Read More…]

A reader goes ballistic

So the other day, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that unborn children are persons entitled to the protection of law. On my Facebook page, I commented, “Good. This is common sense.” Hokey smokes. You’d think I had written a sonnet in praise of Hitler. Some flipped out and wrote: Indefensible and thoroughly irrational. It’s nothing [Read More…]