The best thing you’ll see today

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Timothy Jones Just Does Such Beautiful Work

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In Defense of Beauty

Whenever somebody like St. Teresa is in the news, people start demanding that the poor people of the world be deprived of the chance to see beauty for free. They call this “social justice” but what it really is is “virtue signalling”. Dorothy Day had tart words to such cheap progressivism that says, like Judas, [Read More…]

Gorgeous Time Lapse of LA

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The Adventurous Life of Radical Dependence on God

Beautiful look at the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal. [Read more…]

Beauty will Save the World

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A reader asks about Beauty

She writes: I am a fellow Catholic and lover of Beauty and the arts! I am writing to you because I was doing some online research for a paper I am writing about the power of beauty, specifically music, to evangelize. While I was online, an article you wrote for the Register came up, and [Read More…]

Now and then, we can hear echoes of lost Eden

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