Beauty’s Place in the Christian Vision

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The power of the gospel. Lovely to see it permeate something as mundane as an advertisement: [Read more…]

A bit early for Christmas, but beautiful

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Dear Bishops: Remember St. Dominic

Once, when he visited the pope, the Holy Father showed off some of his bling and remarked “Peter can no longer say, ‘Silver and gold I do not have.’” To which the pithy saint replied “Neither can he say, ‘Rise and walk.’” Here’s the deal: I totally agree with Dorothy Day that when it comes [Read More…]

And who is my neighbor?

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So beautiful

I’d never heard of toroidal bubbles till this video. Turns out cetaceans have been in on this for a millions of years: [Read more…]

Beautifully Done, The Internet!

Following the loss of his infant daughter, Sophia, a mourning father took to Reddit to ask for a single request – a photo without all her medical tubes The response was overwhelming, and many artists volunteered to give this father the beautiful portrait of Sophia he never had the chance to take. People can be [Read More…]

Beauty Everywhere!

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“My Beautiful Woman” is a beautiful short film

Reader Garrett Johnson has a nice piece about it too. [Read more…]

Some things are just beautiful

Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ. [Read more…]