Bishop Robert Barron offers a typically generous assessment…

…of Martin Luther–and manages to work Dylan into the conversation too. I think here of a distant spiritual descendent of Martin Luther, the Nobel laureate Bob Dylan. After his conversion to evangelical Christianity, Dylan wrote a lovely song called Saving Grace, which includes the lines, “I look around this old world/ And all that I’m [Read More…]

Fatima and a theological reading of history

Bishop Robert Barron on the historic nature of the Christian faith and the insistence that history is ultimately His story: the outworking of the purposes of God in the vast drama and tangle of human history. It is a particularly challenging thing to believe, particularly in an era of history in which Christians, who are [Read More…]

Bishop Robert Barron hits me where I live

…in writing about pride, humility, and social media. [Read more…]

Bishop Barron on the Scientism of Bill Nye

[Read more…]

Bishop Barron on the stubbornly historical nature…

…of the Christian faith: Christianity is not fideist, that is to say, reliant upon a pure and uncritical act of faith on the part of its adherents. Rather, it happily embraces reason and welcomes critical questions. Secondly, and relatedly, Christianity is a stubbornly historical religion. It is not a philosophy (though it can employ philosophical [Read More…]

Fr. Robert Barron on Why it Matters Who Jesus Is

He is, as ever, very good. I’ve always thought C.S. Lewis summary is clear.  If Jesus is God, then the gospel is of infinite importance.  If he’s not, then the gospel is of no importance.  The core of the gospel is and always has been “God became man, suffered, died, was buried, and rose again [Read More…]

The Two Deadly Errors of Liberal Catholicism

…by the reliably sensible Bishop Robert Barron. Of course, you can see the deadly errors of conservative Catholicism quickly show up in the comments on the piece. [Read more…]

Bishop Robert Barron on Biblical Religion

Anybody who can make Leviticus engaging has my enthusiastic support: [Read more…]

Atheist Dave Rubin chats with Bp. Barron…

on the Pelvic Issues and Just War: He does a good job of engaging people where they’re at and trying to move people along toward the kingdom. Interesting discussion of the Aquinas Principle too. And of Jesus as the leader held up before the eyes of the world as a mocked leader. Rubin seems to [Read More…]

Bishop Barron on “The Crown”…

and the fundamental values of a society. [Read more…]