You know that feeling you have when the press overlooks the 50 zillion peaceful prolifers on the mall in DC and focuses on the “Kill Obama!!!” kooks or the Westboro Baptist nuts on the sidelines? Apply that to these 10,000 people here. To be sure, the violence in Baltimore is a story.  But it is [Read More...]

Destroy hatred, not enemies, to bring peace

…papal preacher says. Again demonstrating that the gospel is radically at odds with American culture. [Read more...]

You cannot cure a diseased spirituality with another diseased spirituality

You can only cure it with a healthy spirituality. Jesus is healthy spirituality. Both radical Islam and radical God-hating secularism are diseased spiritualities. They represent a chemically pure and primal form of schism and heresy in the Christian tradition, since both ultimately trace their roots back to that. Whereas the Christian tradition unites two commandments that [Read More...]

Blessed are the Peacemakers

[Read more...]

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Orthodox priests put it on the line in Kiev. A bit from my book Salt and Light: The Commandments, the Beatitudes, and a Joyful Life: Blessed Are the Peacemakers “It takes three to make a quarrel,” said Chesterton. “There is needed a peacemaker. The full potentialities of human fury cannot be reached until a friend [Read More...]

Julian Barkin has a big heart

Blessed are the peacemakers. [Read more...]

I believe in pre-emptive peace

…so I’m already against the next war that Norman Podhoretz and similar impenitently stupid apostles of the  Thing That Used to be Conservatism like Bill “Wrong about Everything” Kristol would love to plunge us into.  Happily, there seem to be a growing number of conservative thinkers like George Will who seem to have actually learned from trusting these [Read More...]

Duty to protect defenseless

…is not a licence for war, archbishop tells UN You’d thing a Lightbringer and Nobel Peace Prize Winner would know something that elementary. [Read more...]

Peaceful co-existence

A reader writes: Yesterday, at the meeting with various religious groups, Pope Francis, (if the translation is accurate) expressed a desire for peaceful co-exsistence among religions.  Since “co-exsistence” is my most hated bumpersticker, this has been worrying me ever since I read it.  No one seems to have noticed it either.  Did you?  I value [Read More...]

It turns out that the Church actually prefers peace to war

In fact, it turns out that before you ever get to the bit of the Catechism that deals with Just War doctrine (which, funny thing, says that war is to be an absolute last resort, not the first thing you start fantasizing about if you lose an election or somebody suggests that not all is [Read More...]