LA joins NY and 50 other cities to ban feeding homeless

It’s so very important to punish the poor. If they didn’t have it coming, then they wouldn’t be poor, would they? If we can only think of new and more creative ways to humiliate and degrade them, as Christ commanded us to do, maybe they will finally decide to quit perversely choosing to be homeless. [Read more...]

I had the pleasure of meeting David Quinn in Ireland a few years back

His take on Tuam seems just about right: At some point, Christianity here became more about punishment than forgiveness – Christianity on this side of the Pond, particularly when it comes to the poor, often seems very similar. [Read more...]

The Amazing Thing About Stories Like This…

…is that the same people who perpetually complain that state social safety nets deprive us of the power to be charitable (which is, itself, utter rubbish) will also complain about acts of private charity like this: YouTube prankster raises $44K to give homeless man a house Jesus says specifically to give to those who *cannot* [Read More...]

A smart and moving letter…

…to a professional state parasite who follows the enemy of God Ayn Rand in dividing the world into makers and takers, who lives off the public tit himself producing no goods or services, and who enriches himself while screwing troops and the poor–whose boots he is unworthy to lick–out of their just due. [Read more...]

When you elect a Pope from the Global South

…which is, by the way, where the Church is experiencing explosive growth, the North has to get used to the reality that the Holy Spirit is extremely busy there and may not be fascinated with our trivial obsessions with wealth, sex, and power. One searches in vain in the ante-Nicene Fathers for gossip about the [Read More...]

It’s not enough that the poor are punished with homelessness

The state makes sure that they are also punished with hypothermia and, if all goes well, death. Florida Ordinance Makes It Illegal For Homeless To Use Blankets Reader Michele Arnold remarks: The city claims that this applies equally to all who are covered with blankets in public, and not just to the homeless. Let’s see [Read More...]

A Black Friday Question for Servile State Consumers

[Read more...]

Jesus vs. FOX, FOX vs. Atheists

Jesus: Give to him who begs from you, and do not refuse him who would borrow from you. (Matthew 5:42) FOX: You’re an enabler! By the way, that whole “If a man will not work, he shall not eat” thing? That is not directed at the poor. It’s directed at people within the household of [Read More...]

One way you attach a huge bullseye to your chest and beg God to smite you

is to, like Hawaii Democrat State Rep. Tom Brower, roam the streets looking for homeless people so you can make their lives even more miserable by smashing their stuff. God, in his mercy, doesn’t typically strike people like this dead, leaving only a greasy spot on the sidewalk. But if you are looking for the [Read More...]

Why the Party of Romney Lost and Will Keep Losing Till it Gets a Clue

From Cracked: Here is an infographic that ran in the Wall Street Journal talking about how the new tax code would be “highly painful” for Americans. The graphic covers every possible scenario the Wall Street Journal can conceive of, from the single mom only making $260,000 a year to the retired couple trying to get [Read More...]

One Nation Under Mammon

…with liberty for the rich and powerful and theft from the rest of us. Twinkie CEO Admits Company Took Employees Pensions and Put It Toward Executive Pay HSBC, too big to jail, is the new poster child for US two-tiered justice system: DOJ officials unblinkingly insist that the banking giant is too powerful and important [Read More...]

Being Poor and on Food Stamps Sucks

This seemingly obvious truth gets forgotten in the culture war rhetoric that is so eager to put the burden on the allegedly shiftless poor (aka “Takers”) while overlooking the vastly greater entitlements of the rich and immensely powerful (aka “Makers”). This story (yes, I realize it’s from a ritually impure source and will give us [Read More...]