I love Jen Fulwiler and John Farrell

And now John is reviewing Jen’s book! It’s love squared! [Read more...]

Catholic Lane is Kicking Off a Cool Series…

…on the Church Fathers.  First at bat, Clement of Rome. By the way, if you are interested in the apostolic Fathers then I highly recommend Four Witnesses by born storyteller Rod Bennett.  Also, Mike Aquilina’s Fathers of the Early Church is invaluable. [Read more...]

Chesterton’s America

My good friend Rod Bennett has a new book out!  Rod, the author of the extremely good book Four Witnesses (about the apostolic fathers) and The Christus Experiment (a fun sci fi yarn featuring time travelling ninjas kidnapping Jesus), is a born storyteller and gives us a fascinating look at our country in Chesterton’s America: A [Read More...]

The Unstoppable Brandon Vogt writes

After more than a year of planning and writing, my newest book, Saints and Social Justice: A Guide to Changing the World, is now available! (And on my birthday no less!) Although the print version won’t ship for another couple weeks, you can download the Kindle version right now:  http://www.amazon.com/Saints-Social-Justice-Guide-Changing-ebook/dp/B00GFX0WH2/?tag=ththve-20 Check thou it out! [Read more...]

Brad Birzer on the Great Ray Bradbury

I have loved that man’s work ever since I first encountered it in high school and the fact that Brad Birzer loves him just makes me love Brad Birzer too. He was indeed a great poet. All I have to do is pick up The Martian Chronicles and I am instantly taken back again to [Read More...]

Reader A.J. Avila writes

As the Feast of Divine Mercy approaches, I hope you will let your readers know about my novel on God’s Mercy, “Rain from Heaven.”  I was inspired to write it after reading St. Faustina’s Diary, and it has been approved for publication by my Spiritual Director.  “Rain from Heaven” is available for just $.99 on [Read More...]

Rod Bennett, Author of the Extremely Good Four Witnesses

…now has a new book out!  Yay! He writes: My latest book “Chesterton’s America” is available for the Kindle e-reader (paperback due April 21) –and I hope you will give it a try. Here’s the official description: “Distributism has been called ‘a really bad name for a really good idea.’ ‘Chesterton’s America’ tells the story [Read More...]

This looks tasty good

[Read more...]

Author Edoardo Albert writes…

I thought you and your readers might be interested in my first novel, published by Lion Fiction (the largest Christian publisher in Britain). Edwin: High King of Britain tells the true story of the first king of Northumbria to become a Christian, his rise to power and what he does with it. To our astonishment, [Read More...]

So while I’m dawdling along…

…trying to get my novel off the ground, John C. Wright is cranking out great works of fiction.  He wrote to place a well-deserved boot on my butt to get me going (he does this periodically out of a sense of noblesse oblige and a brotherly encouragement of my very nervous foray into fiction), so [Read More...]

Dear Diary….

Today I discovered I had successfully badgered Tom McDonald to read Eifelheim–and he loved it.  I feel affirmed in my okayness. [Read more...]

Interesting book about a little-known moment in American Catholic History

A reader writes: I thought you might be interested in this. I recently learned of a new book, “Rising Road” by Prof. Sharon Davies. Here is a link to a video of a talk she gave in Columbus, Ohio. Her book is about an incident in 1921 in Birmingham, Alabama, in which a Catholic priest [Read More...]