My friend Pete Beaulieu goes to my parish we occasionally have breakfast together

He is a sweet, thoughtful soul and has written a book called Beyond Secularism and Jihad?: A Triangular Inquiry into the Mosque, the Manger, and Modernity and Carl Olson recently did an interview with him in Catholic World Report. [Read more…]

Thou Needs’t This

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Attention Bibliophiles!

A reader writes: My name is Tom Kiser and I own Vivarium Books, a used bookstore. I have a small apologetics library assembled by James Likoudis for sale. Attached is the list. Please let me know if you would be interested or if you know of a good home for these. The price is $1,500 [Read More…]

So I’m re-reading Mike Flynn’s Spiral Arm series

Starting with The January Dancer.  The whole series is just such a fun read, all set in a remote future of bards, spies, dashing heroes and cunning rebels where humanity has been thoroughly stirred with a stick (the names of the characters alone are wonderful hodgepodge of ethnicities that no longer mean anything like what [Read More…]

Just ran across a lovely little book for children

It’s called Jesus Played Marbles by my friend Robert Haddad and Joshua Charadia. It tells a simple story of love for the least of these, as well as giving some interesting catechesis about the “brothers of the Lord”. It even filled in a hole in my knowledge base I had not thought about before. Highly [Read More…]

Servais Pinckaers, OP

is your go to guy if you are trying to get a bead on the Catholic approach to morality. Check him out! Great reading for Lent! [Read more…]

A good take on George MacDonald’s The Wise Woman

over at Crisis. MacDonald is a fascinating man.  C.S. Lewis said he never wrote a book that was not influenced by him.  He was raised in the Scottish Calvinist tradition, but deeply rejected it in favor of, well, Jesus.  He was never a Catholic, but was so deeply holy and good a man that an [Read More…]

More Happy Fruit of Br. Barron’s Chat with Atheist Dave Rubin

Spurring interest in the delightful Peter Kreeft. [Read more…]

You will be a happier person if you buy this book

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James Janknegt’s New Lenten Meditations is Here!

He writes: My Lenten Meditations book is published and ready for purchase: $20.00 plus shipping. Over the last 16 years I painted 40 paintings based on Jesus’ parables. I have put the paintings into a book of Lenten devotions: one for each day of Lent along with the scripture the paintings is based on, and [Read More…]