I love finding and boosting new authors

Ric Colegrove looks like a promising new voice in young adult fiction. Check out his Journey of Rol tales. [Read more...]

Interesting Interview with Alice von Hildebrand

[Read more...]

If you are a parent of a child with special needs

…this book will be of real service to you and your child: [Read more...]

Why Do I Love Peter Kreeft?

Well, in addition to his quirky sense of humor, Thomist common sense, way with words, giant purple hippo anecdotes, gracious help to me and Sherry Weddell as we were finding our way into the Church, and willingness to let me give him bunny ears …Dr. Kreeft is the only philosopher  I know who has written a [Read More...]

A lot of my readers are writers…

…I am pleased to report. And they are writing me to let you know about various projects they are involved in. I’m always happy to see writers–especially new ones–spread their wings. So here is a small grab bag of projects that are out. Reader Elaine Spencer writes: You may recall me asking you about breaking [Read More...]

Captain Kirk’s Dereliction of Duty

In which The Catholic Imagination confronts some of the problems with certain genres of sci-fi. I think this is certainly true of the kind of sci-fi represented by, for instance, Star Trek and some of the various other “man is evolving into a post religious being” types who trace their views back to the pernicious [Read More...]

The New Geocentrists

One of the weird things about the 21st century is that the democratizing effect of social media means that anybody–anybody–with a keyboard can spout any damn fool nonsense and find a willing networks of cranks who will believe and promote it. What used to require a mimeograph and a lot of licked stamps now can [Read More...]

The Story of the Entropy Academy is Now Available!

The Entropy Academy was the homeschool founded and led by the most excellent Alison Bernhoft.  Among her many sterling students was Shea scion Number 2, Matthew (aka “Cow”, don’t ask).  Alison account of those years is written in her characteristic delightful prose (her Christmas letters have been prized at Chez Shea for years).: Finally, and [Read More...]

My Pal Bill Dodds has some freebie books!

He writes: Free books today and tomorrow (Thursday, Friday) New novel by Bill Dodds “Mildred Nudge: A Widower’s Tale” And some of my other books. Get ‘em while they’re free! [Read more...]

Rod Bennett is an Ornament of the Church

…and a delightful writer and thinker who deserves a *far* greater audience than he has yet gotten. I love the man. He is a gifted storyteller as his book Four Witnesses eloquently attests: [Read more...]