Behold the Shameless Plug of Shamelessness!

Reader Matthew Schmidt writes: Yo. I’m a new Catholic writer (and a long time reader (and share your initials!)) Since you’ve posted about other catholic-y stuff, I hope you don’t mind if I SHAMELESSLY PLUG my own works. Prince Anak the Immortal is a young adult science fiction novella that’s actually suitable for young adults. [Read More…]

Speaking of Marcus Grodi and the Coming Home Network

Kevin Lowry of CHNetwork writes to announce the publication of Catholic Q & A: Essentials of the Faith: It’s by our dear late friend Fr. Ray Ryland. He and his wife were also very close friends of my parents, so my dad pulled this ebook together as a labor of love, and it turned out [Read More…]

Speaking of St. Junipero Serra, Retired Staff Sgt. Dale Day writes…

I wrote about a Catholic saint and I’m not even Catholic! Why? Because Junipero Serra has always fascinated me since I was growing up in Southern California. Even back in the ’50s and ’60s, schools taught that the Spaniards who invaded California were cruel taskmasters who enslaved and whipped the poor, innocent natives. They made [Read More…]

Hey! You should check out Kristine Franklin’s work

Here’s her website and blog. She’s getting a LOT of prayer requests! Also, if you are looking for some good young adult fiction for Christmas, check out CUSS, LONE WOLF, and DOVE SONG. In addition, you can read her conversion story in Surprised by Truth 2. And that’s just a taste. Check out all her [Read More…]

Fightball: Dying of Suck

… is the exaggerated and hyperbolic and mildly fictionalized story of Maj and Kallan, two wildly intelligent and hilarious sisters who navigate life from opposite ends of every point of view. Narrated by their mother, Fightball: Dying of Suck is a book about children for readers of all ages. This first installment of Fightball chronicles, [Read More…]

Why you need to read more Michael Flynn

I was going to post just a quote, but then I thought, “Nah, I’ll steal the whole vignette and then send youse guys over to his blog to see all the other great stuff: Bad News for God, or Someone Flashing point shows relative position of Earth 2.0 Meanwhile, in other news, a marine biologist [Read More…]

Speaking of Chesterton…

One of my favorite people in the world, Nancy Carpentier Brown, has written a biography of The Woman Who Was Chesterton, Frances Chesterton, GK’s  beloved wife. I consider her the patron of St. Blog’s since her maiden name was (honest!) Frances Blogg. Nancy is an engaging writer, a level head, and a fine Catholic.  Check [Read More…]

Daniel Schwindt writes…

Alright, my fellow papists, here’s the deal: Pope Francis wrote the following in his groundbreaking new encyclical, Laudato Si’: “We need to develop a new synthesis capable of overcoming the false arguments of recent centuries. Christianity, in fidelity to its own identity and the rich deposit of truth which it has received from Jesus Christ, [Read More…]

I wrote a question to Randall Munroe, author of XKCD comics

Reading and loving What If?  Question:  Given that vampires can be killed only by Catholic sacramentals and sacraments (nobody ever kills vampires with Baptist hymnals or Nebraska Missionary Alliance communion crackers) *and* by sunlight, I need to know:  Can a full spectrum flashlight with sun-equivalent candle power kill a vampire if it has been properly [Read More…]

The Pope’s Secret War Against Hitler

Bill Doino, Jr. writes: I am pleased to announce that my lengthy review of Mark Riebling’s groundbreaking book, Church of Spies: The Pope’s Secret War Against Hitler (Basic Books, published September 29th) has just appeared in the new issue (October 19th) of National Review. It is not fully online yet–just the opening is-as it’s still [Read More…]