Catholic NFL Great Matt Birk…

is publishing a book today! [Read more...]

Fellow Seattleite Trent Beattie…

has good things to say about Terry Barber’s Evangelization Made Simple. I like the Barbers.  Terry’s a ball of energy and Michael Barber runs a terrific site called The Sacred Page that anybody interested in Scripture study should bookmark. [Read more...]

If you are looking for a delightful book review site…

…try The Catholic Reader, who is not only thrilled at the prospect of a film adaptation of Charles Williams All Hallow’s Eve and jam-packed with reviews of everything from Scripture scholarship to A Canticle for Leibowitz, but who even signs off posts with “Read well and prosper”. My heart skipped a beat. That’s my kinda [Read More...]

Faith Hope Love

A reader writes: Lately I’ve been mulling over Faith and Hope, trying to define them in a way that seems to make sense. The problem is that when I finally do come to a definition of one it sounds like I’m defining the other. I can easily accept that the two things may intersect, but [Read More...]

In addition to being a founding member of the Wright/Shea Mutual Admiration Society

I am also a fan of the fetching and talented L. Jagi Lamplighter, who I am delighted to report has a new book out: The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin Brooms, sorcery and exploding skunks! Rachel Griffin wants to know everything. As a freshman at Roanoke Academy for the Sorcerous Arts, she has been granted to opportunity [Read More...]

Fellow Patheosi Sam Rocha’s New Book

A Primer for Philosophy and Education, has a nice review over at First Things. [Read more...]

Brandon Vogt the Indomitable…

…has a new book and it’s already at #1 for Catholic books on Amazon! For a limited time, you can pre-order your copy for the absurdly low price of $3.19. Way to go, Brandon! [Read more...]

This Seems Like a Promising Effort

The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World Now that Christians are being persecuted in their most ancient lands, The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World could not be more timely. The Prophet’s treaties with Christians, which Dr. John Andrew Morrow has rediscovered in obscure collections [Read More...]

Two New Books: “Answering Atheism” and “The Romance of Religion”

In the books of Nehemiah and Ezra, we get a nice picture of the Christian life.  The returning exiles from Babylon were compelled to rebuild Jerusalem with a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other (since the neighbor kept attacking them and trying to hinder the work).  That’s the story of our [Read More...]

The Inimitable Simcha Fisher…

accidentally blunders into the #1 spot on Amazon for Catholic books. Her book: The Sinner’s Guide to Natural Family Planning She’s already pushed past Sherry Weddell’s Forming Intentional Disciples (a grim Darwinian struggle for primacy that can only be resolved in a hair-pulling slapfest featuring Sherry in her trademark Wonder Woman costume and Simcha attired [Read More...]