The Authority of Women in the Catholic Church

…looks like a promising new book: A direct response to Pope Francis’ call for a “theology of women.” Steubenville, OH, July 2015—Examining one of the most divisive issues today, The Authority of Women in the Catholic Church explores the role of women in the covenant of salvation. Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller defines authentic feminine authority with the support of [Read More…]

Demons, Deliverance, and Discernment

…was the subject of our conversation with Fr. Mike Driscoll at “Connecting the Dots” yesterday. Give it a listen: You can get his book here: [Read more…]

Check out Nethereal

It’s a new space opera and first-time novel from reader Brian Niemeier: [Read more…]

Demons, Deliverance, Discernment

Fr. Mike Driscoll on the reality of the demonic and how the Church approaches it sensibly and without all the lurid nonsense you get in the popular culture. [Read more…]

Greg Popcak on Broken Gods: Hope, Healing and the Seven Longings of the Human Heart

There’s a nifty interview with him over at America. You can get the book here: [Read more…]

Dawn Eden in L’Osservatore Romano

They have a review of My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints. Check thou it out: [Read more…]

Peripheral Visions and Other Poetic Perceptions

…is a new volume of poetry by reader Bruce Newman.  Check out this lovely work! [Read more…]

Attention Fans of Logos Software and By What Authority?!

By What Authority? has been posted on Verbum. It’s in a bundle titled, “Ignatius Press Theology and Discipleship Collection”: [Read more…]

Radically Catholic in the Age of Francis: An Anthology of Visions for the Future

…is a terrific anthology of essays by some very fine Catholic thinkers on how to engage our culture with the *whole* gospel. If you are looking for some excellent and edifying thinking, go here: [Read more…]

Leah Libresco’s Arriving at Amen is out

Subtitled “Seven Prayers That Even I Can Pray” it is a fascinating, geeky Librescan look at prayer that is completely unique. I love it. Here’s the foreword I as honored to write for it: This may sound strange, but when atheist Leah Libresco announced that she was entering the Catholic Church, I felt vaguely let [Read More…]