Attn Lit Lovers

My name is Joshua Hren and, in addition to serving as Managing Editor of Dappled Things: A Quarterly of Ideas, Art, and Faith, I am Editor-in-Chief of the newly-launched Wiseblood Books (, a publishing and editing line in the Catholic (and catholic) literary tradition. I am wondering whether Wiseblood may be of interest to you [Read More...]

Reader Laura Catherine Hudgens writes….

I am a Catholic mother of four children, ages 9-17, and a high school teacher. I run a blog that reviews young adult literature and books for the middle school crowd. Often when a child brings home a book from the school library or a book that has been assigned by a teacher, parents assume [Read More...]

Reader Lori Pieper writes…

Hurray! Dancing in the streets and champagne all around for your book launch. Being an author I know how great that is! Speaking of which, I just happened this very day (August 26) to fulfill a dream of mine over 30 years — to have my translations of the writings of Pope John Paul I [Read More...]

Brandon Vogt writes

You should check out Peter Kreeft’s fictional masterpiece, An Ocean Full of Angels. It’s full of whim and depth and creativity and might provide some inspiration for your own book. Just read Peter’s own synopsis: “When people hear that I wrote a “novel” and ask what it is about, I tell them (1) that it’s not [Read More...]

Greg Popcak’s “Holy Sex” Jumped from 16,000 to #8 on Amazon

…as a result of his being mentioned in that US News and World Report piece on how devout Catholics have happier and deeper sex lives. I’m thinking about sending my Legions of Terror to destroy Tokyo and then issuing a statement to US News and World Report.  You know, “People of Earth! Bow to me!”  The usual [Read More...]

Al Kresta Has a New Book Out!

Clarification in an Anti-Catholic Culture HUNTINGTON, Indiana, July 10, 2013 — With his finger on the pulse of popular culture, acclaimed radio-show host Al Kresta addresses the primary challenges to the Catholic Church right now — some from within, others well beyond. Kresta — a former Protestant minister who became Catholic — is quick to [Read More...]

is on the air! And they are doing an interview with my friend Bill Dodds, author of The World’s Funniest Atheist. [Read more...]

Lizzie Scalia…

…who has written a fine new book on the idols of our time and how to avoid them–called Strange Gods (check out the first chapter here)–is mind-melding with the Pope. [Read more...]

Goody! Scott Hahn Has a New Book Out!

Love the guy! Here’s the press release: In Consuming the Word: The New Testament and the Eucharist in the Early Church (May 28, 2013, Image Books), Dr. Hahn examines some of Christianity’s most basic terms and what they meant to the sacred authors, the apostolic preachers, and their first hearers. At a time when the Church [Read More...]

Fr. Denis Lemieux has a new book

He writes: I’ve just published a book that I think could find a wide audience. It is called The I-Choice: Staying Human in a Digital Age, and is about the challenge of the technological world in living our full, divinely ordered humanity. My experience has been that everyone is grappling with these questions, but many [Read More...]