O Frabjous Day!

Mike Flynn has published a new book: Captive Dreams.  Why would anybody be reading me when they can rush right over to Amazon and get Flynn to read? [Read more...]

Another Sign of Hope

The fact that this fantastically good and important book… Forming Intentional Disciples The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus HUNTINGTON, Indiana, August 14, 2012 — Over 10% of American adults are ex-Catholics. Only 30% of those who were raised Catholic are still practicing their faith. To stem this tide, Sherry Weddell’s new book Forming Intentional [Read More...]

Where the Blogosphere Really Pays Off

…is in things like this really wonderful, engaging and thoughtful read-through of Sherry Weddell’s book Forming Intentional Disciples being conducted by Tom Kreitzberg. I think Sherry has written one of the most important books of our time for anybody who cares about the mission and future of the Church. I really do. And I am [Read More...]

NRO has an interview with Dawn Eden…

…about her new book My Peace I Give You. Check thou it out! We Chestertonians are everywhere. [Read more...]

Perhaps of interest

Casimir Valla writes: Ave Maria!  OK, where to begin?  Having noticed that there are few books written about St. Louis-Marie de Montfort’s True Devotion to Mary, for the past several years I have been collecting and translating excellent works which explain this devotion, the ‘why’ of it, how to prepare for it, and how to [Read More...]

Reader Kari Burke…

has written a novel: The Life I Dreamed. Check thou it out! [Read more...]

Forming Intentional Disciples

If you read only one book this summer, it should be one of mine. But if you read another book this summer, it should be Forming Intentional Disciples, which is getting well-deserved and boffo reviews. If you care about the mission of the Church and evangelization that is well-done and sticks so that the seed [Read More...]

Sherry Weddell writes about a cheering Tweet she just got about her new book

This is very encouraging and exactly the audience for which I wrote the book: A tweet from Jonathan Sullivan, Director of Catechesis of the Diocese of Springfield, IL and a leader in national catechetical circles: “Only 1/4 of the way through and I think Forming Intentional Disciples by Sherry Weddell may be the more important [Read More...]

Just to show there’s no hard feelings about the Revolution…

Let me recommend the excellent Stratford Caldecott’s typically excellent new book, Beauty in the Word: Stratford, though a subject of Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth II, is nonetheless kindly disposed to his Yankee cousins and was one of the best parts of a magnificent post-conference banquet held by the American Chesterton Society in Minneapolis/St. Paul in [Read More...]

Dawn Eden Talks to OSV…

…about her new book on surviving sexual abuse. [Read more...]

Paul Harris of Harrowood Books writes…

You are known for “Words of Encouragement” and I can think of no more inspiring words than those of Father Bill Atkinson who was the first quadriplegic in the 2000-year history of the Catholic Church to be ordained a priest. If you need encouragement, think of a young man whom everybody thought would become a [Read More...]

Go Sherry!

Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus by Sherry Weddell is being published by Our Sunday Visitor July 1. If you place and pay for your order at the Catherine of Siena website before July 1, you’ll automatically receive a discount of two dollars off the retail price of $15.95. The book [Read More...]