Radically Catholic in the Age of Francis: An Anthology of Visions for the Future

…is a terrific anthology of essays by some very fine Catholic thinkers on how to engage our culture with the *whole* gospel. If you are looking for some excellent and edifying thinking, go here: [Read more…]

Leah Libresco’s Arriving at Amen is out

Subtitled “Seven Prayers That Even I Can Pray” it is a fascinating, geeky Librescan look at prayer that is completely unique. I love it. Here’s the foreword I as honored to write for it: This may sound strange, but when atheist Leah Libresco announced that she was entering the Catholic Church, I felt vaguely let [Read More…]

16 Year Old Rebecca Dominick has published her first novel

Support young writers! [Read more…]

Congratulations to John C. Wright and Mike Flynn…

Hugo Award nominees!!! By the way, I interviewed both of them on my show recently. You can listen to the shows here. A Happy Easter indeed! [Read more…]

Filling Our Father’s House

…is a fine new book on evangelization from Shaun McAfee.  Check thou it out! [Read more…]

I love finding and boosting new authors

Ric Colegrove looks like a promising new voice in young adult fiction. Check out his Journey of Rol tales. [Read more…]

Interesting Interview with Alice von Hildebrand

[Read more…]

If you are a parent of a child with special needs

…this book will be of real service to you and your child: [Read more…]

Why Do I Love Peter Kreeft?

Well, in addition to his quirky sense of humor, Thomist common sense, way with words, giant purple hippo anecdotes, gracious help to me and Sherry Weddell as we were finding our way into the Church, and willingness to let me give him bunny ears …Dr. Kreeft is the only philosopher  I know who has written a [Read More…]

A lot of my readers are writers…

…I am pleased to report. And they are writing me to let you know about various projects they are involved in. I’m always happy to see writers–especially new ones–spread their wings. So here is a small grab bag of projects that are out. Reader Elaine Spencer writes: You may recall me asking you about breaking [Read More…]