Rod Bennett is an Ornament of the Church

…and a delightful writer and thinker who deserves a *far* greater audience than he has yet gotten. I love the man. He is a gifted storyteller as his book Four Witnesses eloquently attests: [Read more…]

A reader has a brilliant idea

He writes: I am grateful that you mentioned that a book of yours was on Kindle. He means This is My Body. Though I also have By What Authority?, The Heart of Catholic Prayer, Salt and Light, Disorientation, and The Work of Mercy available on Kindle as well.  And of course, they and many others [Read More…]

Chris Lansdown has another book

The author of a book about prieeeeeests innnnnnnn spaaaaaaaace also has a story called Ordinary Superheroes set in a Christian universe and exploring ideas of good and evil, not impulse and gratification. It’s a story of superheroes going on a quest to save the world because he loves adventure stories about people on quests to [Read More…]

Patheosi Sam Rocha…

has published a new Primer for Philosophy and Education. Check thou it out! [Read more…]

Author Christopher Lansdown writes:

I’m a catholic convert (from Greek Orthodoxy, granted, but I was actually raised in the Anglican church) with a long-time atheist friend, who suggested that I write a story about a priest in space, which I did. It’s a somewhat older-style science fiction, where the future is more or less an analog for the past. [Read More…]

Scripture, God’s Handbook for Evangelizing Catholics

…is out from OSV: Cardinal Wuerl says it is “inspiring”; Archbishop Kurtz calls it “engaging”; Sr. Dianne Bergant says it provides “a new perspective”; Dr. Scott Hahn declared it “an important book”; and Fr. James Martin SJ states that it is “a terrific resource for anyone who wants to experience—or invite others to experience—the Living [Read More…]

Bergoglio’s List is out today

One of the funniest misfires in the wake of the election of Francis was the instantaneous attempt of the hardcore atheist and Catholic hater crowd on the Left to accuse him of being a tool of the military dictator nasties in Argentina who disappeared political enemies, etc during the Dirty War. It was a very [Read More…]

Interesting New Book on Catholic History Forthcoming

Arriving next month from Christendom Press The Past as Pilgrimage: Narrative, Tradition, and the Renewal of Catholic History Christopher Shannon Christopher O. Blum In this book, Catholic historians Shannon and Blum challenge the secular bias currently prevalent among professional historians, and argue for the compatibility of faith and reason in the study of the past. [Read More…]

William Doino, Jr. on Dietrich von Hildebrand

He writes: First Things has just published my article, “Dietrich von Hildebrand and our Times” –which pays tribute to von Hildebrand , and highlights his new book, My Battle Against Hitler (published by Random House’s Image Books), which is imbued with Judeo-Christian principles and is thus applicable to our times–indeed, all times. A great man [Read More…]

Evelyn Waugh also had some interesting remarks on “1984”

Here. I wonder what Orwell thought. He could be so good, but then his hostility to the Church would always queer the pitch. [Read more…]