The White House is More Afraid of Offending China

…than the Pope. It’s easy to bravely face the applause of your peers on cheap social hot button issues they all agree with you about–especially when that butt of your disrespect is the disciple of a Messiah who says to turn the other cheek–than it is to treat the leader of a giant power with [Read More…]

Lefties Who Bravely Face the Applause

Intellectual consistency is no problem when you’re determined to receive applause.Forced organ harvesting from prisoners is okey-fine, but heaven forfend a photographer be allowed to refuse business. That’s where Mr. Benioff draws the line. Again, to unthinking applause. – Dale Price Indiana passes a religious liberty act and a guy who has no problem doing [Read More…]

Gutless Brandeis U Chickens Out

…rescinds honorary doctorate for Aayan Hirsi Ali because they are afraid of vengeful Bronze Age Savages. Scott Dodge notes: For those who do not know, Hirsi Ali first came to prominence in the Netherlands for collaborating with Theo Van Gogh on his film Submission. As a result of making this film, Van Gogh was stabbed-to-death [Read More…]

Since the Job of News is to Sell Beer and Shampoo

…it functions the way dog food commercials function. Did you ever notice that dog food looks, you know, rather appetizing on dog food commercials? That’s because dogs don’t buy dog food. People buy dog food. So you pitch the content to the people, not the dogs. In the same way, our manufacturers of information pitch [Read More…]

As the world erupts in religious violence

…allegedly over some crappy high school quality video production visible to the 12 people with internet access in Upper Krapistan, and the state (literal) brownshirts take into custody the filmmaker for his dangerous exercise of first amendment rights, the Western “Arts community” bravely swings into action to protest this blatant violation of free speech and [Read More…]

Memo to the “Church Hates Nuns…

…Who Serve the Poor” Crowd Um, no: What the Church is doing is not hating on nuns who serve the poor. The Church is reining in nuns who are no longer Catholic from oppressing nuns who are and from poisoning the faith of people subjected to their loony quackery, goddess worship, Marxist theory masquerading as [Read More…]

Latest Real Jesus Discovered!

Turns out that in addition to being a robust heterosexual who married Mary Magdalene, he was also gay. Various “evidence” is adduced and rigidly filtered through contemporary obsessions with homosexuality devoid of contact with the biblical text beyond a couple of proof texts, Johannine theology, or the Church’s entire tradition (Jesus was unmarried. There was [Read More…]