A Seventh Day Adventist writes:

I was raised Catholic. I can tell of your forthrightness after reading your article where you mention Maciel. I know some of his story. Thank you! Also, you use the Bible text, and for that reason, I am sending you the next thought: An understanding of the revealed will of God enlarges the mind, expands, [Read More…]

A reader puzzles about By What Authority?

A reader writes: I just noticed it has been almost 20 years since you wrote By What Authority? based on the copyright notice near the front of the book.  I just discovered it recently and find it quite an eye opener!  In fact I am getting much more out of it the second time through.  Often [Read More…]

A Presbyterian Writes with Some Questions

Sez he: So I am a Presbyterian, but a bad one, and I have been reading the Orthodox Study Bible, and have taken the day to study Judith (I do weird things like this every now and then).  In reading about it, and doing some homework, I stumbled upon one of your articles and thought it [Read More…]

St. Paul’s Reliance on Sacred Tradition

A reader writes: I got into a discussion with someone who questioned the Catholic Church’s teaching on (what a surprise!) homosexuality.He, of course immediately brought up the fact that Jesus never spoke about homosexuality. I mentioned that Jesus did not speak about a lot of things that we know are not good but we still [Read More…]

Attention Fans of Logos Software and By What Authority?!

By What Authority? has been posted on Verbum. It’s in a bundle titled, “Ignatius Press Theology and Discipleship Collection”: [Read more…]

A reader argues with a Bible Only Christian about the Death Penalty

He writes: I am having a little bit of a comment debate with an acquaintance over he death penalty. He is an evangelical christian and believes God is very much for it citing the Noahic Covenant, Jesus affirming Pilate’s right to kill him the Mosaic Law etc. He is not a catholic, so he would [Read More…]

Question about the Septuagint

A reader writes: Hi Mark! I was reading your book “By What Authority?” (Really great by the way) and was sharing some of it with my evangelical friend, and he brought up something I wasn’t sure how to answer. So I thought I’d ask you. In the book, you mention that the reason the Church [Read More…]

Yr. Obdt. Svt on Sola Scriptura

Now en Espanol! Here’s the context for CERC’s Spanish site. An informal survey back in 2012 confirmed that while there are some very good news sites for Spanish speaking Catholics, there are no web sites doing what CERC is doing in the Spanish language. Given that there are 37 million Spanish speakers in the United [Read More…]

A reader struggles to understand Sacred Tradition

He writes: I just finished reading your book “By What Authority” and let me tell you, it was one of the best books I have ever read in regard of Tradition and the Catholic Faith. It has definitely given me stronger faith. I’m glad!  Thanks be to God! I am an 18 year old Catholic [Read More…]

Sola Shea

Catholic World Report asked me to interview myself about the reboot of By What Authority?: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition.  I’m a very hostile interviewer when that guy is the subject. Here’s the result. [Read more…]