Caesar Steps in…

…to save his dear good friend Mammon.  I was *so* worried that the uber-wealthiest, fresh from getting our bailout money, might have to contribute to the common good, but thanks to Caesar they are spared the hundred billion they might have owed. I’ll bet the hungry homeless guy doing a 15 year stay in prison for [Read More...]

Keep Telling Yourself, This Man Is Barking Nuts…

…and the only possible choice for sane people is to vote for Obamney, who will continue the sound and sensible policies of Caesarocorporate Empire and Police State that have made us so secure, prosperous and confident about the future. This man lives in cloud cuckoo land out of touch with reality, but the Party of [Read More...]

Works like a charm

State provides corporation with taxpayer funded bailout. Grateful Corporation then thanks taxpayers by firing them and shipping their jobs overseas. Corporation pledges funds to stir moral panic depicting state/corporate alliance as the only thing protecting the human race from extinction. [Read more...]