If this happened on the street, it would be considered organized crime

GM execs making millions. The taxpayers who saved their company? Losing money. . [Read more...]

Idols for Destruction

Here’s one: Capitalism is not just a Good idea; It’s God’s Idea No. It’s not. It’s just a fallible human system and, unfettered from the gospel, quickly becomes a toxic and wicked system. Here’s St. Paul on this blasphemous attempt to raise a purely human system to Holy Writ: See to it that no one [Read More...]

Why Distributism?

Robert Newman: “Our population problem isn’t too many humans on the planet, but too few owning too much of it.” or, in the words of the Prophet Chesterton: The trouble with capitalism is that it produces too few capitalists. [Read more...]

Pope Francis vs. Savage Capitalism

After an epiphany he dropped his prepared text and spoke from the heart t0 20,000 unemployed workers. I love this guy so much. [Read more...]

The Servile State and the Road to Serfdom look more prescient all the time

Medieval peasants got a lot more vacation time than you do. The author, being a typically ignorant Late Modern, manages to paint the Church’s insistence on leisure for the poor as a cynical crowd control measure rather than as an act of mercy running interference between the weak and those who exploit them, but the [Read More...]

Capitalism is Not Sacred Tradition

…and original sin affects all the works of man, including his invention, the giant corporation: [Read more...]