Tom Curran Webinar on “Parenting the Digital Generation” tomorrow!

Hey, youse guys! If you are a Tom Curran fan (and who isn’t?) check out his webinar “Parenting the Digital Generation” he is doing tomorrow and sign up for a fine time of soul-enrichment. Tom is one of my favorite people in the world and a true gift to the Church. If you’ve never heard [Read More…]

The Sign of the Cross is Your Pricetag

Altaration has a nifty new video out with this and other riches discussed: [Read more…]

A Reader asks about Catholic Failure to Catechize

…over at the Register and gets a lesson in the problem of going to the elves for counsel (for they will say both Yes and No.) [Read more…]

Why Can You Kill in Self Defense, But Not Lie?

…is addressed here. [Read more…]