Upside Down

My latest bit of pondering for the Catholic Weekly way Down Under in Sydney. [Read more…]

Something Astonishing Happened to Me This Weekend

I went to a strange and beautiful planet and saw incredible things! My latest at the Catholic Weekly. [Read more…]

Liver and Onions and the Glory of God

A truly important meditation on the weightier matters of the law is my contribution to The Catholic Weekly for our friends Down Under in Sydney. [Read more…]

There’s more to the Church…

…than priestly and religious vocations. Indeed, there’s more than the lay vocation. Vocations are means. The end and goal is the Beatific Vision. My latest at The Catholic Weekly. [Read more…]

Trust the Church’s Prudence over Man’s

Particularly when the men in question have been so wrong about so much so many times for so long that only a fool would trust their prudence over that of a cocker spaniel’s, much less the Church’s. The last of my series on the Death Penalty at The Catholic Weekly. [Read more…]

What about retributive justice?

The latest in my series on the death penalty for Catholic Weekly. [Read more…]

Mercy for Murderers in Scripture

Part 4 of my series on the death penalty in the Catholic Weekly. Some varieties of Christianity see in the Crucifixion a kind of weird divine child abuse. In that telling, God the Father wanted to slaughter the human race, but then God the Son distracted him by offering himself as the target for the [Read More…]

Capital Punishment – A Study in the Development of Doctrine, Part I

Over at Catholic Weekly: A reading from an ancient manuscript found in Jerusalem authored by Micha-el ben Mattityahu: We’re all familiar with the story by now. A weak pope with a long history of dubious opinions and reckless public statements has fallen under the sway of a liberal cleric with radical ideas and is overturning [Read More…]

Skagit Salmon Hatching

A Sonnet for Easter Because the Resurrection deserves more than prose. [Read more…]

Reasons to Believe the Resurrection Actually Happened

…are under discussion over at Catholic Weekly. First things first: the gospels were not written long after the events. They and almost all the New Testament documents are written within the lifetime of the apostles or within living memory of them. They have all the earmarks of eyewitness testimony from people who are writing memoirs, [Read More…]