The Great Thing about the Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal for our Chattering Classes…

…was that it provided the incredibly satisfying feeling of caring about children who were sexually abused without having to actually, you know, care or anything. The demonstration of just how shallow and uncaring our Chattering Classes are is this: How many of the people who fake concern about sexual abuse have continued making Woody Allen [Read More...]

After 3 Decades of Crapping on Christians…

…to the delight and applause of our Chattering Classes, Madonna decides to crap on Muslims and our Chattering Classes want us all to know that they are timid cowards who fear Muslim reprisals. Headline should have read: Sensationalist hack abandoned by gutless cowards. [Read more...]

How Chemicals Change Us

…except contraceptives and abortificients, which are studiously ignored here. Those are Always Good and, even though they are linked to breast cancer, are Health Care and Catholics must be forced to pay for them at the point of a gun. Can’t say incorrect things that might endanger Unit Cohesion among the tribal readers of the [Read More...]


Fashionably Lefty suburbanites are always bravely facing the applause of their peers by courageously telling Christians who pose no danger to anybody that they need to stop punching people in the fist with their face and smashing people in the knee with their groins. [Read more...]

New Stupid Media Trick

Step 1: Arrange a debate between Richard Dawkins and Leading Catholic Prelate. Step 2: Allow Dawkins to blather about how Old Testament Jews were a small tribe of ignorant savages and brutal barbarians who were way behind us in their understanding of 21st century moral standards, not to mention in their grasp of biology and [Read More...]

Freethinking! You Get What you Pay For

In which Mike Flynn does another autopsy on the New Atheist creation myth that is Agora. [Read more...]