The Prophet GKC on the Culture of Polymorphous Perversity

“THE next great heresy is going to be simply an attack on morality; and especially on sexual morality. And it is coming, not from a few Socialists surviving from the Fabian Society, but from the living exultant energy of the rich resolved to enjoy themselves at last, with neither Popery nor Puritanism nor Socialism to [Read More...]

Laudato Si on the Hunter in the Bush

Whenever pro-aborts get all mystical and foggy and start gassing on about “Who even knows *when* life begins anyway?  It’s all so mystical and foggy!” prolife people bring them up short by saying, “If you aren’t sure that’s a deer rustling in the bush, then don’t shoot.  Cuz if a hunter falls out, you will [Read More...]

It’s amazing how much stuff we have

Did you know that there are 300,000 items in the average American home? And that we consume twice stuff than we did 50 years ago? Reminds me of this: Which reminds me of this: Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Sell your possessions, and give alms; [Read More...]

The Prophet Chesterton on Laudato Si

“We do not really want a religion that is right where we are right. What we want is a religion that is right where we are wrong. In these current fashions it is not really a question of the religion allowing us liberty; but (at the best) of the liberty allowing us a religion. These [Read More...]

Don’t Mince Words, GKC. What Do You *Really* Think?

“I am firmly convinced that the Reformation of the sixteenth century was as near as any mortal thing can come to unmixed evil. Even the parts of it that might appear plausible and enlightened from a purely secular standpoint have turned out rotten and reactionary, also from a purely secular standpoint. By substituting the Bible for [Read More...]

Hey! It’s Chesterton’s Birthday!

And everything is 29% off over at Chesterton Press. Click the adorable graphic to go get some bargains! [Read more...]

Tom Kreitzberg has formulated Spong’s Law of Theophysical Asininity

to state that “Whenever a person appeals to quantum physics as the basis for a theological or religious principle, he is making an ass of himself“. I hereby proclaim Chesterton’s Corollary: Whenever somebody appeals to size or physical location of a celestial object to prove the significance or insignificance of the human race, he is [Read More...]

You Can Never Have Too Many Chesterton Sites

Reader Maolsheachlann O Ceallaigh of Dublin writes to tell me about his new site: It’s called The Wit and Wisdom of G.K. Chesterton and it’s made up of articles I’ve been writing for a parish newsletter in Ireland. It starts out as an introduction to Chesterton, a broad outline to his life and thought, and now I [Read More...]

An Extremely Fun-Looking Homeschool Family

Reader Susan Langenkamp writes: I enjoy your blog and appreciate your support for Catholic families. Our third son is creating a comic book series loosely based on our family. The entire family is involved in the production with Stephen as lead artist, the younger children doing backgrounds and coloring, and all of us contributing story ideas. [Read More...]

50 Chesterton books for $1.99 is a steal

[Read more...]