“I do think that one of the characteristics of our age is the growth of this culture of offendedness. It has to do with the rise of identity politics, where you’re invited to define your identity quite narrowly – you know, Western, Islamic, whatever it might be. … Classically, we have defined ourselves by the [Read More...]

What a Magnificently Chestertonian Story

He hath cast down the WalMarts in their arrogance, and lifted up the meek and lowly. [Read more...]

Big Big News for Chestertonians!

Dale Ahlquist just announced at the American Chesterton Society Conference: Martin Thompson says that Bishop Peter Doyle “has given me permission to report that the Bishop of Northampton is sympathetic to our wishes and is seeking a suitable cleric to begin an investigation into the potential for opening a cause for Chesterton.” Dale once famously [Read More...]

Why Caesar Supports the Sexual Revolution

“Nobody has really discussed the alternative to the Family. The only obvious alternative is the State.… The frightful punishment of mere sex emancipation is not anarchy but bureaucracy.” – GK Chesterton, Once Again Explaining it All For You The credo of 60′s by which we still live is “Do Your Own Thing” or, as I [Read More...]

A reader asks about prudential judgments…

…over at the Register. It turns out “prudential judgment” is not Latin for “ignore the Church if her guidance inconveniences you in any slight way.” Leftist Catholics appeal to “primacy of conscience” when they want to ignore the Church. Rightist Catholics appeal to “prudential judgment” when they want to ignore the Church. But, in fact, [Read More...]

Win a Copy of Chesterton’s The Ball and the Cross Signed by the Author!

Enter to win a first edition copy of The Ball and the Cross signed by G.K. Chesterton! The price of each ticket is $25 and the winner will be announced at the 32nd Annual Chesterton Conference in Worcester, Massachusetts. Click here to purchase tickets for the drawing. The Ball and the Cross spins a tale [Read More...]

The ChesterBelloc Drinking and Debating Club…

met on June 14 (Feast Day of I’m Pretty Sure One Day St. G.K. Chesterton) to drink home-brewed ale and eat a bunch of stuff and have a wonderful time.  It was in Illinois someplace and nobody bought my airfare so I could come.  So they had their stupid dumb party without me.  But that’s [Read More...]

There’s a GKC Quote for Everything

Here he is, prophetically remarking on the ongoing transformation of American civilization into a vast apparatus dedicated to the worship of the Trinity of Mammon/Venus/Mars and defending that by attempting to spy on everybody on planet earth: If men will not be governed by the Ten Commandments, they shall be governed by the ten thousand commandments. [Read More...]

Four Recordings of Chesterton

What I love about Chesterton, particularly in the Kipling Tribute recording, is that he giggles at his own jokes. There’s a childlike quality to that I find unutterably fetching. [Read more...]

And speaking of Chesterton and Slaying Dragons…

Here’s a fine verse dedicated to all my friends across the Pond: The Englishman by G.K. Chesterton St George he was for England, And before he killed the dragon He drank a pint of English ale Out of an English flagon. For though he fast right readily In hair-shirt or in mail, It isn’t safe [Read More...]