God Won’t Let Fat People into Heaven…

…according to New Puritans who think Chesterton was too portly to be a saint. It’s moments like this that the influence of American Puritanism on American Catholicism makes me just want to roll my eyes. It’s an odd thing. One of the constant refrains I run into from both uber-Trads *and* Total Pelvic Liberty Progressives [Read More…]

When People Stop Believing in God…

…they believe in anything. St. Paul gets it right in Romans 1:20 and following: that paganism is not the soil from which springs monotheism as a final refinement, but that monotheism came first and paganism was a declension and falling away from what we knew in the morning of the world–and still know in our [Read More…]

It’s a Chesterton Bonanza!

No.  I’m not talking about the Lost Episode when Chesterton took over Dan Blocker’s role as Hoss.  I’m talking about 50 Chesterton books for $1.99 on Kindle.  That’s not $1.99 each.  That’s $1.99 total. Tolle, lege! Plus, great Christmas present! [Read more…]

G.K. Chesterton introduces himself

This promises to be a fun series from Chuck Chalberg over at the wonderfully named EpicPew site: [Read more…]

Why History Should Replace Economics

Because history is about the free choices of human beings and a lot of economics is about the myth that human beings are robots who respond only to inexorable laws. It’s one thing to talk about statistical averages. It’s another to extrapolate from them that man is homo economicus. The Prophet Chesterton gets it right: [Read More…]


Behold History’s Greatest Monster! Florida charity worker, 90, arrested by police for feeding the homeless gets arrested again one day later Arnold Abbott was arrested by police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for feeding the homeless on Tuesday, which is now against the law The 90-year-old, who has been helping prepare hundreds of meals a week [Read More…]

Love this

“Truths turn into dogmas the instant that they are disputed. Thus every man who utters a doubt defines a religion. And the scepticism of our time does not really destroy the beliefs, rather it creates them; gives them their limits and their plain and defiant shape. We who are Liberals once held Liberalism lightly as [Read More…]

The Synod on the Family is Shaping Up Nicely

For months, I’ve been seeing bed-wetting panic from the Greatest Catholics of All Time about the Synod on the Family, and the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad “liberal agenda” Francis is allegedly about to impose on the Church.  The usual screamers in the Reactionary camp have been warning of the apocalypse to come from [Read More…]

If it’s bad for the family, it’s bad

This truism, that almost sums up everything you need to know about Catholic Social Teaching, is grasped by The Quartermaster of the Barque, and gives me an excuse posting this essay by Chesterton (and I need little excuse for posting Chesterton): THE DRIFT FROM DOMESTICITY IN the matter of reforming things, as distinct from deforming [Read More…]

Regina Doman is offering 20% off

…on everything from Chesterton Press–in honor of her 20th Anniversary. Good stuff! [Read more…]