The ChesterBelloc Drinking and Debating Club…

met on June 14 (Feast Day of I’m Pretty Sure One Day St. G.K. Chesterton) to drink home-brewed ale and eat a bunch of stuff and have a wonderful time.  It was in Illinois someplace and nobody bought my airfare so I could come.  So they had their stupid dumb party without me.  But that’s [Read More...]

There’s a GKC Quote for Everything

Here he is, prophetically remarking on the ongoing transformation of American civilization into a vast apparatus dedicated to the worship of the Trinity of Mammon/Venus/Mars and defending that by attempting to spy on everybody on planet earth: If men will not be governed by the Ten Commandments, they shall be governed by the ten thousand commandments. [Read More...]

Four Recordings of Chesterton

What I love about Chesterton, particularly in the Kipling Tribute recording, is that he giggles at his own jokes. There’s a childlike quality to that I find unutterably fetching. [Read more...]

And speaking of Chesterton and Slaying Dragons…

Here’s a fine verse dedicated to all my friends across the Pond: The Englishman by G.K. Chesterton St George he was for England, And before he killed the dragon He drank a pint of English ale Out of an English flagon. For though he fast right readily In hair-shirt or in mail, It isn’t safe [Read More...]

In Honor of St. Gilbert Keith Chesterton…

Go slay a dragon that not only kills you but impoverishes you. No. Not tobacco. TV. “First and foremost, there was the cost savings of about $100 a month. That’s a lot of money in our annual family budget and a boatload of cash over a lifetime. Indeed, one estimate found that when you factor [Read More...]

Hey! Help Support Chesterton Academy and Get More Bang for the Buck!

More rubble for the ruble! More punch for the pound!! More heroes for the Euro!!! More alliterative cleverness for the monetary denomination!!!! Here’s how: The amazingly generous Andrew Redleaf really thinks the Chesterton Academy is the Bee’s Knees. How much does he think that? He thinks that $125,000 worth, that’s how much. And so he [Read More...]

Hey Baton Rouge, LA! I’m on your radio today!

I will be on Karen Hornsby’s program Beautiful Minds today, June 6, 10:30am central time – on 1380AM.  For those of you who want to listen in on the web, you can sream the show at . Karen highlights writers past and present who bring us ‘the good the true and the beautiful’.  By some unaccountable [Read More...]

The News

It’s bad for you and it makes you dumb. Except, of course, for the only real news there has been in 2000 years, and it affords me an excuse for posting Chesterton’s summary of it: In the land lit by that neighbouring star, whose blaze is the broad daylight, there are many and very various [Read More...]

Hey Bay Area Chestertonians!

The Bay Area Chestertonians write: The Bay Area Chesterton Society continues to stagger along.  J  We have a blog: and a Facebook page: We are diving into Orthodoxy this month, if you’d be kind enough to spread the word… Greetings, Bay Area Chestertonians! We will meet up on the first Wednesday of the [Read More...]

Hey Western Washington!

Dear Chestertonians, We are happy to announce our final event of this season, this coming Thursday, May 2, at 7:30 PM at the UW Newman Center.  Dr. Steve Duncan of Bellevue College will be joining us to discuss “Having Faith in Reason.” Please see below for full details, as well as the Events Calendar at our website. [Read More...]