Holy Thursday

We are meant to feel that his life was in that sense a sort of love affair with death, a romance of the pursuit of the ultimate sacrifice. From the moment when the star goes up like a birthday rocket, to the moment when the sun is extinguished like a funeral torch, the whole story [Read More…]

Hey Western Washington Chestertonians!

Dear Friends of the Seattle G. K. Chesterton Society, On Thursday, April 10, at 7:30 PM at the UW Newman Center, Dr. Luis Fraga of the University of Washington will lead us in an evening of discussion concerning the future prospects of Catholic education in the United States. Please see below for full details.  Please see also our full Events [Read More…]

A worthy cause for Lenten Almsgiving

Please prayerfully consider this request to participate in the mission of the American Chesterton Society to bring Christ to the world by introducing people to G. K. Chesterton. Options include mailing a check, or making a donation directly on the ACS website: http://www.chesterton.org/donate/ with the intention of a Lenten Almsgiving. [Read more…]

A pleasant surprise

Andrew Sullivan, of all people, seems to endorse the idea of canonizing Chesterton. I am of two minds about canonizing Chesteton. On the one hand, I think it obvious the man was a saint. I already pray to him on a regular basis and assume that I need his intercession a lot more than he [Read More…]

Hey Ireland! Dale Ahlquist is Coming Your Way!

Here’s the skinny: .I am involved in the G.K. Chesterton Society of Ireland and on the second of next month we will be privileged to have Dale Ahlquist give us a talk on “G.K. Chesterton: Defender of the Family”. It’s in the Mont Clare Hotel, Dublin 2, it’s at eight o’clock, and it’s free. Here [Read More…]

Chesterton’s Pursuit of Holiness

Sure Chesterton was a brilliant writer and thinker, but was a he a saint? I think he obviously was.  Bill Doino, Jr. looks at the question in some detail. [Read more…]

The ever-whimsical Dale Ahlquist…

…on the world’s tortured relationship with guilt and innocence. [Read more…]

Hey Western Washington!

Dear Friends of the Seattle G. K. Chesterton Society, We are happy to announce our fourth event of this season, Thursday, February 20, at 7:30 PM at the UW Newman Center. Dr Pia de Solenni, noted ethicist, columnist, and cultural analyst will lead us in an evening of discussion on the family: Keystone of Society: The Family [Read More…]

An Aussie talks to Dial Ahlqueest

..abayhot Gee Kai Chisterton! What’s not to love? Chizz, mite! [Read more…]

Hey Toronto!

The very first Chesterton Debate will be held in your fair city tomorrow night! Be there! Learn about Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Human Flourishing! Aloha! Oh, and come back for the next one and bring a friend! [Read more…]