England: The Matrix has Had You for Five Centuries

The English Reformation was not a religious breakthrough but a cultural calamity, covered up by lickspittle propaganda and a civilizational brainwash job unparalleled in history.  It was a revolt by the rich against the poor and its victims were classic examples of Stockholm Syndrome. And it marches on in the post-Protestant secular press of the [Read More...]

Kevin O’Brien reflects…

…on Chesterton’s remark that, “The one hell which  imagination must conceive as most hellish is to be eternally acting a play without even the narrowest and dirtiest greenroom in which to be human.” [Read more...]

Pope Francis: Chestertonian

Sean Dailey informs me: “The new pope is an honorary board member of the Argentinean Chesterton Society.” Seals the deal for me. [Read more...]

Nationalism vs. Patriotism

…is under discussion over at the Register, wherein we discover the strange secret affinity between Michelle Obama and Rush Limbaugh and learn from Chesterton the secret of loving our country vs. using it as a kind of armored tank to trick out and enhance our sinful pride and will to power. [Read more...]

Chestertonians: Making the World a Better and More Fun Place

A reader writes: My Dad, sister and I had the pleasure of meeting you in Reno at the Chesterton conference. We came up with THE POPE-U-LATOR and thought you might find this small app amusing/want to share it with your readers. The app lets you calculate which candidate is best given a set of criteria [Read More...]

The Barbarians are Here!!!!

…and they are bored and sad. Somehow, I am reminded of this: THE SONG OF THE STRANGE ASCETIC G.K. Chesterton If I had been a Heathen, I’d have praised the purple vine, My slaves should dig the vineyards, And I would drink the wine. But Higgins is a Heathen, And his slaves grow lean and [Read More...]

Chesterton Looks at Richard III

It’s tough to be the victim of the greatest butt-kissing hatchet job in history done by the greatest poet in the English language. Chesterton, as is his custom, does the poor man a bit of justice. [Read more...]

Hey Bay Area Chestertonians!

Reader Margaret Kalb writes: Greetings, Bay Area Chestertonians! We will meet up this Wednesday, February 6th, at 7:00 PM at Country Gourmet in Sunnyvale.  This month’s story is “The Man with Two Breads,” from G. K. Chesterton’s Father Brown of the Church of Rome, published by Ignatius Press.  The story can also be read online. [Read More...]

The Seattle G.K. Chesterton Society writes…

Dear Friends of the Seattle G. K. Chesterton Society, We are happy to announce the next event of our season, this coming Thursday, January 24, at 7:30 PM at the UW Newman Center.  Dr. James Felak from the History Department at the University of Washington will lead us in an evening of discussion concerning Pope John [Read More...]

A Chestertonian Looks at the Recent Election

in the pages of Gilbert Magazine, and he is none other than our own combox regular, Sean P. Dailey. Me: I’m still bitter about Dale Ahlquist and Gilbert getting all the glory for single-handedly electing Obama by refusing to vote for Romney or Obama, when everybody knows it was really I, with awesome power of [Read More...]