The fun thing about being Catholic…

is that you can write posts in which you try to think with the Church on some complex moral matter and be rewarded with combox commentary in which you are simultaneously informed that you hate gays *and* that you shamefully excuse their sin, that you hate Jews *and* that you are blind to the genius [Read More...]

Certain Inconsistencies…

Chesterton Would Have Loved are under discussion over at the Register. [Read more...]


I find this both funny and disturbing in some unnameable way. But I appreciate Paul Nowack’s good faith effort. I’m told we will be heading to Hollywood to ADR the sound on the film pretty soon. Still slated for a premiere at the American Chesterton Society meeting this August. Go here for details about that. [Read More...]

I’m plowing through my mail from last week…

…and so only got to this today. Leah Libresco, my favorite atheist, writes: I ended up doing a bit for my blog that was more about how to have a productive discussion/ask questions when something looks like sexist practice, but we don’t know for sure yet. You were my good example. I noticed a number [Read More...]