Welcome Cornelia Roxane Fisher!

Beautiful new baby girl of Damien and  Simcha Fisher!: Babies are God’s way of saying the world should continue.  Joy and mazeltov! [Read more…]

My kinda guy!

More men like this guy. [Read more…]

Split Brain Rhetoric

Demographic winter will destroy us all! We Christians must start breeding again or the Muslims will take over and impose shariah on us all! Brown Catholic people coming to our country and becoming integrated in our economy as hard workers will destroy us all!  We cannot bear the burden because overpopulation of the wrong kind of [Read More…]

Non-parents have “better” lives according to worldly measures

…except for one thing: they aren’t as happy as people with kids.  File under “the last shall be first” and other gospel paradoxes. [Read more…]

In Post-Modern American Politics, Every Correct Child is a Gift

The Faith tells us every child is a gift and we can find a way to make room for them at the table of life, if we are willing.  No qualifications on that whatsoever. The Thing that Used to be Liberalism says every *wanted* child is a gift and every unwanted child is a burden [Read More…]

I Love Simcha Fisher and her Readers

So, Simcha is expecting again (yay!). This will be #10. And the Fisher folk are tickled pink because, you know, babies! Yay! Babies are unequivocal goods. But of course, blind people can’t see that and lot of so-called pro-choice people aren’t really pro-choice at all. Some of them have very definite ideas about how many [Read More…]

Subvert the Dominant Paradigm!

One of the most fun things about being Catholic is being genuinely counter-cultural even–and especially–among the thoroughly bourgeois heirs of the counter-culture.  Go John Barnes! Memo to the selfish baby-haters who pretend to care about the earth but really just want to spend your dough on boats and trips to Paris on gas-guzzling jets, all [Read More…]

Just Because a Baby is Disabled…

…does not mean she is not perfect. [Read more…]

The Sound of Crying Babies at Mass…

…is the sound of a healthy, thriving Church.  God send us many more. [Read more…]

Dave Deavel Joins the One Percent

My friend Dave Deavel is deliciously Subversive of the Dominant Paradigm: My wife and I are part of the 1 percent — so we’re used to criticism. We’ve made a bundle — heck, a number of bundles — and while the rest of the nation seems to be in a slump, we’re just making more. [Read More…]