Non-parents have “better” lives according to worldly measures

…except for one thing: they aren’t as happy as people with kids.  File under “the last shall be first” and other gospel paradoxes. [Read more...]

In Post-Modern American Politics, Every Correct Child is a Gift

The Faith tells us every child is a gift and we can find a way to make room for them at the table of life, if we are willing.  No qualifications on that whatsoever. The Thing that Used to be Liberalism says every *wanted* child is a gift and every unwanted child is a burden [Read More...]

I Love Simcha Fisher and her Readers

So, Simcha is expecting again (yay!). This will be #10. And the Fisher folk are tickled pink because, you know, babies! Yay! Babies are unequivocal goods. But of course, blind people can’t see that and lot of so-called pro-choice people aren’t really pro-choice at all. Some of them have very definite ideas about how many [Read More...]

Subvert the Dominant Paradigm!

One of the most fun things about being Catholic is being genuinely counter-cultural even–and especially–among the thoroughly bourgeois heirs of the counter-culture.  Go John Barnes! Memo to the selfish baby-haters who pretend to care about the earth but really just want to spend your dough on boats and trips to Paris on gas-guzzling jets, all [Read More...]

Just Because a Baby is Disabled…

…does not mean she is not perfect. [Read more...]

The Sound of Crying Babies at Mass…

…is the sound of a healthy, thriving Church.  God send us many more. [Read more...]

Dave Deavel Joins the One Percent

My friend Dave Deavel is deliciously Subversive of the Dominant Paradigm: My wife and I are part of the 1 percent — so we’re used to criticism. We’ve made a bundle — heck, a number of bundles — and while the rest of the nation seems to be in a slump, we’re just making more. [Read More...]

California Struggles to See Through Eyes Clamped Shut

Golly, a state obsessed with the promotion of a contraceptive, fornicating, culture of perpetual adolescence and pretend marriage is inexplicably faced with a shortage of children. If only there was some social institution that we could use to foster the idea that having children is a good and desirable thing.  Some thing that would pair [Read More...]

It hasn’t been a happy week…

…for the members of the Life-Hating Chattering Classes in New York and London. First, the Royals erupt in some good old-fashioned joy at the thought of a new baby, followed closely in their happiness by the unwashed mouth-breathing Normals on both sides of the Atlantic who still think babies are pretty cool, then America gets [Read More...]

Because we are, as Ross Douthat points out, a nation of heretics…

we do not have, in our national vocabulary, a place for grasping things like redemptive suffering, or distinguishing between a morally evil act and God bringing good out of such an act, or in a word, the notion of the cross and the resurrection.  We are a simple, straightforward people who believe God is here [Read More...]