Rich First World Narcissists receive juvenile Ego Accessorization Devices

Fear not! The devices are in mint condition per the purchase and manufacturing agreement. And don’t worry, the Third World Uterine Receptacles have been disposed of. A triumph of the consumer economy! It sure is a good thing that Handmaid’s Tale exploitation of women is only bad with imaginary Christian theocracies do it. Otherwise, somebody [Read More…]

From the Land Where Children are Private Property

…for narcissists who see them as either expendable burdens or property: Women Transitions from Being Terrified of Getting Pregnant to Being Terrified She Can’t Get Pregnant When childbearing becomes a means of accessorizing, a culture has lost something foundational to humanity. [Read more…]

Narcissists Upset with Defective Product

In a story that could only happen in the rarified world of progressive narcissism, a lesbian couple are suing a sperm bank because the product they ordered–a child who exists to accessorize them–is defective.  The defect?  She’s the wrong color. Because it’s all about celebrating diversity. God help that poor kid. [Read more…]

What Child Abuse Looks Like

Narcissistic parents sending boys to some camp so the parents can prove how awesomely untethered they are to normal idea of gender by forcing the boys to dress like girls. More narcissistic parents working out their own gender issues by putting their six year old through a sex change. Children need adult fathers and mothers, [Read More…]