Stacy Trasancos Talks to Live Science About the Virgin Birth

Sez she: Thought you might be interested in this. I was asked about belief in the Virgin Birth on a popular science blog, LiveScience. It’s cool that a site like that represented my views accurately, especially the part at the end. The author also mentioned my book, Science Was Born of Christianity. All [Read More…]

Lovely piece on the actual point of Christmas

at, of all places, HuffPo.  I didn’t know HuffPo allowed that kind of thing.  Nice to see! Me: I think the main trick to keeping Christ in Christmas is keeping Mass in Christmas. [Read more…]

Because Nothing Says Joy to the World…

…like an angry spittle-flecked demagogue in need of Insensitivity Training: Here’s the thing. I say “Merry Christmas”. If I’m talking to a Jewish person and it’s later in the month, I’ll wish them a Happy Hanukkah or a Happy Holidays. If I go to the store and somebody says, “Happy Holidays” I happily accept it [Read More…]