The Clash between Watery Secularism…

…and fevered Radical Islamism will not result in happiness for anybody. “Opposite evils, so far from balancing, aggravate one another.” – C.S. Lewis [Read more...]

In the West, This is Called “Criminal Behavior”

In Yemen, a 40 year old killing his 8 year old bride is called “business as usual”. Cultural relativism is a load of crap. Some ways of doing life are better than others. Yemeni child marriage, rape, and murder are savagery and should be subject to severe criminal law and punishment on Western soil and [Read More...]

I’ve lost track

Are the Bronze Age Savages burning and murdering Christians in Egypt and Syria our Noble Allies[TM] or The Terrorists[TM]? Are they Noble Allies[TM] in Egypt and The Terrorists[TM] in Syria? Vice versa? Both? Neither? [Read more...]

Always Nice to See Innocent People Escape…

Bronze Age Savages and their Barbaric Folkways.  Welcome to Civilization, Rimsha Masih! [Read more...]

The Boston Bombing’s Hidden Victim

Your prayers for Katherine Russell that she escape this cult now that her jailer is dead. [Read more...]

Why Do I Worry About the Massive Overkill of the Response in Boston?

Reader Ye Olde Statistician describes the strategy behind such attacks: “However, to bring down America we do not need to strike big. In such an environment of security phobia that is sweeping America, it is more feasible to stage smaller attacks that involve fewer players and less time to launch and thus we may circumvent [Read More...]


Obama is trying a citizen as a citizen. Much better than McCain/Graham’s panicked neo-fascist calls for suspension of civil rights. The weird thing is that he’s being tried for using a WMD, but not for terrorism. The idea seems to be that Obama wants to get the death penalty, but not to tick off International [Read More...]

It’s a good thing barbaric backward Muslims…

aren’t harvesting eggs from aborted girls for experimentation and industrial use.  Because that would be evil.  Fortunately, it is enlightened post-Christian westerners who will be doing that.  That’s why we have the right and obligation to blow places like Iran off the map and bring them our higher and better civilization.  Because we are just [Read More...]

I decided to take down the cat crucifixion story

Just not sourced well enough. No need to borrow trouble. Meanwhile, between stonings of women, or cutting off their noses, or putting Down’s syndrome kids on trial for blasphemy, or beheadings, or car bombings, or blowing up Buddhist art, or massive oppression of Coptic Christians, or massive oppression of Chaldean Christians, or Christians martyred to [Read More...]

Not Ready for Civilization

One of the entertaining phenomena on religious blogs is the pursuit of Manning’s Corollary to Godwin’s Law: In any online conversation about an incident of violence perpetrated by adherents of Islamic fundamentalism, the conversation will inevitably devolve into claims that Christians commit the same type and degree of violent acts, regardless of how demonstrably false [Read More...]

It’s that special tangy combination…

of child butchering evil and disgusting sociopathic self-pity that makes Islamic fundamentalism such a special special thing. [Read more...]

In the Country that Used to Be England…

…a watery post-Christian secularism that is deeply indebted to Christian teachings about humility and warnings against judgmentalism from Jesus (which anti-Christian UK culture has used to great effect in beating down Christians who rightly fear the sin of pride) is suddenly confronted with–and utterly flummoxed by–an inflamed and diseased Radical Islamic tradition that completely lacks [Read More...]