The “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose” Strategy of Conservative Dissent

When the Pope says things that upset the Left, we hear that the faith is the only thing that saves us from the degrading slavery of being a child of our age. When he says things that upset the Right like “legitimate redistribution of economic benefits by the state” or “encyclical on the environment“, we [Read More…]

Used to be that the Pope wrote teaching documents…

…and then people read them and responded by trying to figure out how to incorporate the Church’s teaching into their lives. Then, the pope wrote Humanae Vitae and the left pioneered the strategy of deploying “primacy of conscience” as the fig leaf for ignoring whatever the Church said.  This was given a huge boost in [Read More…]

GOP Pol Calls for Torture of American Citizens

I mentioned a couple of days ago that a GOP Caesar would surely soon start thinking longingly about using torture against citizens for domestic crimes, just as the GOP already is orgasmically in love with the manliness of using it against foreigners and even tries to liken it to the saving power of the sacraments. [Read More…]

Whenever I read stories like this

Pope Benedict: End the Death Penalty And watch American Catholics who are death penalty maximalists labor with might and main to ignore it as “Benedict’s prudential judgment” while also laboring to ignore the fact that he is simply applying the normative teaching of the Church here: CCC 2267: “Assuming that the guilty party’s identity and [Read More…]

Getting Used to Thinking with the Church Takes Practice

So, for instance, if you hear the word “redistribution” and your very first instinct is to blurt “socialism!” or otherwise pour forth a stream of rhetoric denouncing anybody who mentions the idea in any context and then immediately dismiss it from your mind, my suggestion, like Caelum et Terra’s, is that you take several deep [Read More…]