Dear Simcha Fisher

I have to head up to Canada today and will be unavailable for lunatic comments comparing me to Satan for noticing the bleeding obvious. So could you do me a solid and cover my shift in your comboxes by taking the lunatics who compare me to Satan for noticing that Philandro Castile was butchered in [Read More…]

An actual real thing a reader said and apparently believes

“Mark is just trying to build up his credentials so he can get contracting work with the USCCB.” Bwahahahahahahaha! Stahp! You’re killing me! No. Wait. Lemme hear that one again! “Mark is just trying to build up his credentials so he can get contracting work with the USCCB.” That is the funniest thing I’ve heard [Read More…]

The expertise of the Combox Inquisition

So many experts. We’re awash in them! Just got an email from one: WE ARE LIVING IN THE LAST MOMENTS! Tetrad Blood Moons 2014&2015 Predict Building Of Temple In Jerusalem! Be Rapture Ready! So there’s that.  And as we saw over the weekend, the internet was *full* of experts on US/Russian/Ukraine relations.  Thousands of people who [Read More…]

More Evidence that Reactionaries Hate Evangelism

The sort of mail I get from the Combox Inquisition typically begins with a “question” that seeks, not information, but ammunition in that oily sort of voice that used to ask “Tell us, is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar?” and “We caught this woman in the very act of adultery. What should we [Read More…]

The Hell Kerfuffle and Fussy Perfectionism

Recently, in this space and elsewhere, I defended Fr. Robert Barron from the charge of being “WRONG!” in his speculations about hell.  As I pointed out then, Barron represents a school of speculation, not only permitted by the Magisterium, but actually voiced by Pope Benedict himself in Spe Salvi.  Of course, right on cue, fifty [Read More…]

Simcha Fisher Continues Speaking Common Sense

to panicky bedwetters who are convinced that every time the pope clears his throat his sole purpose is to betray them. It is truly bizarre to live in a time when self-described faithful Catholics seriously seem to believe that God has laid it on their humble shoulders to defend the Faith from the Pope. What [Read More…]

The Reactionary and the Sacraments

In a recent discussion, a reader in the combox makes the common sense remark that there are lots of ways in which Jesus accepted honor and worship, not simply in the context of the Mass (though of course the Mass is the source and summit of our worship): If we only look to Jesus in [Read More…]

Just a reminder…

…you know that beloved Scripture passage about how “If a man will not work, he shall not eat”?  The one that undergirds all those Randian demands to cut off the poor at the knees if they are unemployed? Yeah.  See, it turns out Paul was not drafting a bill on welfare reform for Congress.  He [Read More…]

Another Gay Person I Regard as a Fine Catholic

…turns out to be Simcha Fisher’s brother! And his name turn out not to be Steve Gershom but Joseph Prever. Thanks to Pope Francis’ recent remarks, I can now repeat a point I made a while back: namely that, like it or not “gay” is now the word commonly used in English to denote someone [Read More…]

How comboxes work

Just so you know, the way *you* experience comboxes and the way I experience them is totally different. I see a feed of all traffic from all boxes in chronological order, all jumbled together. You see a particular blog entry and scroll down a bazillion comments in that entry in order to continue your discussion [Read More…]