The difference between real pastors…

…and the combox Inquisitors who appoint themselves as death-dealing shepherds of the flock is summed up in the difference between Cdl. George who goes on fighting the good fight and people who write things like this about him: Oh, okay, so just because he has cancer (like millions of others…….who suffer in silence by the [Read More…]

It’s hard to decide which is funnier

Simcha Fisher, who is hilarious because she means to be, or her commenters, a great many of whom are hilarious without meaning to be. [Read more…]

How Conservative Catholic Moral Decision Making in Comboxes Works An Awful Lot of Times

Drowning, beating, suffocating and freezing prisoners? Launching wars that leave thousands of innocent civilians dead, despite the impassioned pleas of the Pope not to do it? Slashing social safety nets for the poorest of the poor? Nuking thousands of innocent civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki? That is prudential judgment and is just fine. Who can [Read More…]

The delightfully subversive Andrew Klavan…

offers a paean of praise to murdering little girls. Jonathan Swift would be proud. But Mark!  You’ve criticized Live Action for attacking PP killing little girls!  You’ve said you can understand why somebody like Ron Paul would vote against an anti-gendercide bill. Yes.  It’s true.  I do not live in a Manichaean mental universe.  This [Read More…]

Death Penalty Obsessiveness

Poor Monsignor Pope. He writes a bunch of sensible stuff about the culture of death: We have discussed the “culture of death” numerous times before on this blog. This description of Western Culture was used by Pope John Paul II. Fundamentally it refers to the fact that in the modern, western world, especially America death [Read More…]

Jimmy Akin Attempts to Speak Common Sense…

…to a ravening mob in a combox. About 50% are capable of grasping analogies and reasoned discourse. The other half are thoroughly ginned up hysterics. You’re a better man than I am, Jimmy. Old and Busted Conventional Combox Wisdom: The Church is dragging its feet laicizing priests with all this canonical process jazz. It’s just [Read More…]

It’s a consolation, after last week…

…to find that in my comboxes I am out of my new and unaccustomed role as Horrible Apostate Defender of Homosex for the crime of admiring a chaste gay man and not feeling bound to pry into his private life (favorite combox comment so far calls for subjecting me to a “canonical trial”, declares “I [Read More…]

The Crackerbarrel Inquisition Arrives!

Due to the sudden uptick in comboxers who are unfamiliar to me, demanding to know if I think homosexual appetites gravely disordered and launching into arguments for the prosecution like this: May Mr.Lorenzo rest in peace.  Now for you Mr.Shea, are you a proponent of same sex marriage and gay adoption?  How about  sex ed [Read More…]

Fisking King David

As the Combox Inquisition goes to work to diagnose and condemn the soul of a good and holy man of whom they know nothing, I offer this little tribute to Combox Inquisitors everywhere. [Read more…]

It’s funny

Had I written a post called “An adulterer and murderer I consider a saint” I don’t think I would be getting all these complaints about “giving scandal”. David was guilty of the *other* three sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance: Wilful murder The cry of the foreigner, the widow and the orphan, (Uriah [Read More…]