Today’s Act of Lying Desperation in Defense of Torture

Cowardly draft dodger defends anal rape.  He uses two lies to do this.  One is the vague suggestion that it was medical care because it was done in response to a hunger strike (you know, like refusing to treat bullet wounds, neglecting injuries until a prisoner lost an eye, and freezing prisoners to death was [Read More…]

I may have a winner in the Kombox Krazy Sweepstakes

Last week, I wrote a post saying that the bizarre and hysterical opposition to the slightest suggestions of change–such as “Smart gun research seems like a good idea”–from American gun culture does make that culture look, well, insane, and sends the very clear message that 30,000 corpses is acceptable losses. I say this, not as [Read More…]

Saw a sweet Samsung phone at Radio Shack the other day

…so I smashed the case and took it. They called the cops and had me arrested, saying what I did was “illegal”. I pointed out to these simpletons that “legality” and “morality” are not the same thing. Everything Hitler did was “legal” too, you know. But the cops still hauled me off to jail. This [Read More…]

A really fine exchange between Tom Kreitzberg and a reader upset by Pope Francis

A reader writes: Mark, any chance for a little compassion for people who are feeling nervous? Could you maybe come alongside us and walk with us a bit and maybe share your faith and optimism? Any chance that instead of yelling and shaming people who are feeling uneasy, you could maybe instead show us the [Read More…]

I am astonished that vaccination is controversial

I never know what people will respond to. I put up a (to me) completely unremarkable post about Jenny McCarthy’s anti-vaccination celebrity medical advice. To my amazement, the comboxes explode. I don’t get it. One of my readers, a pediatrics doctor, pretty much sums up my own take: I am a fan of vaccines as [Read More…]

Things I Find it Impossible to Care About

So apparently some bishops made merry down in Rio at World Youth Day doing a silly dance thing.  The horror. Then a priest with absolutely no discernible pastoral responsibilities who spends all his time on line decided to gripe about this and use that “Be This Guy” image of the dude refusing to offer a Nazi [Read More…]

While Combox Warriors Occupy Themselves Explaining Why the Church is Wrong…

to say that Christians and Muslims both worship the God of Abraham, Pope Francis sends Ramadan greetings to Muslims. Hilarious. [Read more…]


So on April 1, as is my custom each year, I announced my conversion to a boutique religion, just to see who was awake. This year it was Scientology. To my immense satisfaction, a reader writes the following series of replies in the comboxes: I’m speechless. And now I’m rofling. You’re quite the sucker, aren’t [Read More…]

My email is not working very well

Consequently, I cannot reply easily to folks who are complaining about a thread that has spun out of control down below, fractaling off into discussions about rape and women’s suffrage and whatnot. In addition, I cannot net.nanny the blog because I’m on the road and running around and have barely had time to look in [Read More…]