Mourning the Russian Revolution

Bill Doino on the greatest political catastrophe of the 20th Century. [Read more…]

Pamela Geller Looks Longingly at Communist China

In the ongoing metamorphoses of the Thing that Used to be Conservatism into a social movement that manages to get almost everything wrong, here is one of its Shapers of “Thought” hoping against hope that America would just grab the One Ring, and transform itself into a mass-murdering Communist despotism (and the one with more blood [Read More…]

Evil Commie Psycho Tyrant is Upset: So Forward This Video to Everybody You Know

The Poor Widdle Monster doesn’t like this video: Seems the crazy little fiend thinks it “seriously compromises Kim’s dignity and authority“. I don’t normally do this, but in this case I will make an exception: Let’s make this thing go mega-viral. Forward it as far and wide as you can. “The devil, the proud spirit, [Read More…]

Chinese Commies…

…are protecting the living daylights out of the Church in China, just as they protected the hell out of Tiananmen Square protesters on this day in 1989. [Read more…]

Chinese Commies Act…

…exactly the way the Roman Imperial authorities acted as they struggled to crush the growing Christian Church. Note to Chinese commies: The center of the Christian Church is now Rome. Consider that a sign of what’s to come. [Read more…]

Why is Drudge Having a Cow

… about Obama shaking hands with Raul Castro? We’ve shaken hands with lots of bloody-handed Commie butchers from China to Russia to the Soviet satellite states. Hell, the butchers in China have enjoyed most favored nation status since forever. Why is Cuba uniquely evil and the mere touch of Castro’s hand a sign of ritual [Read More…]

What Communists Do

Because America’s tortured history is wound tightly around the twisted bowel of race rather than class hatred, and because we fought and beat the Nazis and not the Soviets at great cost of blood, and because we are a revolutionary nation like the Soviet Union, our elites have never really taken seriously the fact that [Read More…]

More of the Blessings of Atheistic Communism

Communism screws up and destroys and kills everything it touches, Christian and pagan.  In pagan China, the duty of filial piety (aka “Honor your Father and your Mother” and the corresponding duties to children) was a pillar of natural law.  The Commies, of course, destroyed it as they destroy everything good.  With the One Child [Read More…]

Enjoy Your Kool Aid!

A reader writes in all seriousness: There are several Catholic churches; one of which I attended near our school in Jinan. Freedom of religion is respected in China though regulated because you can’t proselytize. That’s refreshing given the spectre of Terry Jones, Sharia law, and other religious bigotry. China lost 30 million people in the [Read More…]

Leftover Women

The genius of Communism just keeps on pouring out one failed social engineering experiment after another. Next on deck: “Leftover women” whose shot at marriage is vanishing. Of course, western feminists think this is all Sex and the City cool, so you never hear about it, as you never hear about the downside of any [Read More…]