The Case for Cannibalism

From the Culture Where Consent is the Sole Criterion of the Good. Not that we are going to face a wave of cannibalism (or incest, or bestiality, or necrophilia, or pedophilia, or various other logically acceptable forms of Forbidden Love, given the premises now enshrined in law that whatever two or more consenting things want [Read More…]

#lovewince: Our Chattering Class and Incest Apologias get right to work publishing this “daring” apologia for Daddy/Daughter incest. And, given the murky sexual libertarianism of SCOTUS, there is absolutely no argument beyond “EW!” to prevent trampling down this taboo like all the others. When consent is the sole criterion of the good, who the hell are you to burden two (or [Read More…]

Damon Linker Tries to Warn that Making Consent the Sole Criterion of the Good will Lead to Incest

…is met with, “Yeah?  So What?” by his readers. I hate being right all the time. Let’s review, in order to prepare for the future, where making consent the sole criterion of the good will lead (here, here, and here). It will lead, not to the triumph of personal autonomy and a golden age of [Read More…]

This is hilarious

Two men are marrying in New Zealand–gay activists are outraged and horrified! Seems the guys getting married are simply heterosexual buddies who decided to make use of gays’ hard-won struggle to redefine the word “marriage” to mean whatever anybody likes in order to… well, let’s let them explain “We are not here to insult anyone. [Read More…]

Toldja So

Aussie judge appeals to gay rights as precedent for normalizing incest.  It’s just a “taboo” doncha know.  And hey!  Genetic problems that result from liberated sex can be fixed right up with abortion! He also has enlightened views on pedophilia. [Read more…]

From the land where Consent is the Sole Criterion of the Good

Married lesbian threesome expecting first screwed-up child. Applied libertarianism: the philosophy for people with no children [Read more…]

I hate being right all the time

Lifetime to make movie romancing incest. From the land where consent is the sole criterion of the good. When a civilization built on this flimsy moral foundation–obsessed with “subsidiarity” and heedless of the solidarity and the common good–finally collapses  under its own weight, the Strong Man at length arises who asks, “What’s so sacred about [Read More…]

Anthony Kennedy…

Chief Justice of the Culture Where Consent is the Sole Criterion of the Good. Such a culture will end in tyranny, as all tired democracies do. “Marriage” does not mean whatever we say it means. When we make “marriage” mean anything, we make it mean nothing. [Read more…]

“Mere concepts of morality have no business being law”

In another Ian Malcolm Moment for CAEI, Germans are embracing bestiality as a “lifestyle choice”. I particularly enjoy the Big Lie that morality has no business being law when, of course, law is nothing but legislated morality. More of the fruits of a civilization where Consent is the Sole Criterion of the Good. [Read more…]

A few days ago I said the big winner of the gay “marriage” debate will be Caesar

You can read about that here. Now comes Michael Flynn to link to some of the plans Caesar (in union with Mammon) has for breeding Lower Orders once an atomized society has lost the capacity to resist due to the destruction of the family.  Here, for instance, is a quote from one of the Huxleyan [Read More…]