From our “Consequentialism is Great When Cops Do It” File

One of the standard “Shut your trap” arguments put forward by those who argue for the”realism” of the Noble Lie is that cops lie and commit other Noble Evils for the greater good. Here’s where that line of reasoning goes: Exclusive: FBI allowed informants to commit 5,600 crimes 5658, to be precise. Including helping facilitate [Read More...]

One of the More Grotesque Moments in our Hastily Forgotten History

…was when Bush/Cheney shill Marc Theissen actually had the temerity to say that waterboarding was a healing and liberating experience for the victims, relieving them of a sense of guilt since they were no longer morally responsible for confessing under torture. In short, a *Catholic*, if you please, offered waterboarding as a sort of secular [Read More...]

The Most Popular Moral Heresy in the World…

…and how to fight it with the gospel and faith in Jesus Christ. [Read more...]

Means and Ends

A primer on the most popular moral heresy in the world, as beloved by Catholics for a Free Choice as by Live Action, as dear to liberal as to conservative, as cherished by the average Catholic as by atheist: consequentialism. [Read more...]

A Reading from the Gnostic Gospel of James the Deacon

Jesus had to pass through Samaria, and as he walked with his disciples he was teaching them, saying, “I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for unchastity, and marries another, commits adultery; and he who marries a divorced woman, commits adultery.  And adultery is the font of great evils.  For when an adulterous woman [Read More...]

In Defense of Live Action’s Goals

Having been instructed numerous times by defenders of Live Action’s tactics that I am a moron, or secretly pro-abortion, or just perversely hostile to Live Action for no sane reason, or “jealous” of them for some inscrutable reason that I am not jealous of all the other prolife apostolates and ministries, I now find myself [Read More...]

Fighting Abortion by Just Means: It’s Right *and* Smart

In one of several “You are an evil idiot for daring to question Live Action’s tactics” comments, this tough-talking reader gives me a dressing down in no uncertain terms for suggesting that there are better ways for Live Action to do its work without lying or tempting anybody to agree to mortal sin: Good point [Read More...]

According to Many of My Readers, This Person Should Have Been Lied to and Tempted to Sear Her Conscience Even More

…because she was already a mortal sinner who had worked in the abortion industry for 17 years and was therefore irredeemably committed to evil.  As such, she was The Enemy in the War on Abortion and so deserved to be tempted to commit another abortion, since her hard, profit-driven heart was already bent on it [Read More...]

For Those Who Constantly Appeal to the Uniformed Authority Figure…

…as the justification for lying and tempting people to do evil so that you can then catch the tempted person doing the evil, do consider this: In his new book, The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism, investigative journalist Trevor Aaronson analyzes 10 years of terrorism cases that were prosecuted in the [Read More...]

Why I’m a Pain in the Butt About Live Action’s Tactics

Why do I worry about the distortions and contortions Live Action supporters pretzel themselves into in order to justify tempting somebody to commit murder for the camera? Here’s why: “Mark, wasn’t Jesus kind of tempting the Romans to mortal sin to kill Him? I mean, if He had just given Pilate a reason to let [Read More...]