As I contemplate the spectacle of the comments…

to this thread, particularly the conversation between Zippy and Mr. Lutas here in which Mr. Lutas advocates the “Brutal Advocacy of Mortal Sin Posing as Realism” position and attempts to sneer Zippy out of the “Catholic Moral Teaching for Time Immemorial” position by calling him a “fake Catholic” and generally questioning his integrity and testicular [Read More...]

The Cafeteria is Wide Open

Compare and contrast: A trope repeated with disturbing frequency by an awful lot (though not, of course, all) of the representatives of the Faithful Conservative American Catholic[TM] subculture: “if one innocent American life was saved by “THE BOMB”, God blessed Einstein’s work.” Actual Church teaching: CCC 2314 “Every act of war directed to the indiscriminate [Read More...]

Excellent News!

Zippy Catholic has put the archives of his (alas) late (but still great) blog up here. This is the guy who did (among other things) the most thorough dismantling and evisceration of the dreadful and shameful “arguments” and excuses for enhanced interrogation torture of anybody I know. All those arguments will come roaring back should [Read More...]

One of the most amazing ironies of our time…

…is that we now turn to the pages of Prav-freakin’-da to get a really good discussion of the dangerous evil of consequentialism. Americans should consider learning from survivors of a security state regime that was built on blood, iron, and ends-justify-the-means philosophy. Update: The link is no longer on Pravda, but I found the story [Read More...]

Just in case anybody is still unclear on the concept…

consequentialism is evil. “But I really really want to do some good thing! I just need to cut some moral corners to do it!” Yeah. Everybody says that when they want to do something evil. Everybody. What? You think Hitler got up in the morning and said, “How can I do something Evil today?” Nope. [Read More...]