In Defense of Live Action’s Goals

Having been instructed numerous times by defenders of Live Action’s tactics that I am a moron, or secretly pro-abortion, or just perversely hostile to Live Action for no sane reason, or “jealous” of them for some inscrutable reason that I am not jealous of all the other prolife apostolates and ministries, I now find myself [Read More…]

Fighting Abortion by Just Means: It’s Right *and* Smart

In one of several “You are an evil idiot for daring to question Live Action’s tactics” comments, this tough-talking reader gives me a dressing down in no uncertain terms for suggesting that there are better ways for Live Action to do its work without lying or tempting anybody to agree to mortal sin: Good point [Read More…]

According to Many of My Readers, This Person Should Have Been Lied to and Tempted to Sear Her Conscience Even More

…because she was already a mortal sinner who had worked in the abortion industry for 17 years and was therefore irredeemably committed to evil.  As such, she was The Enemy in the War on Abortion and so deserved to be tempted to commit another abortion, since her hard, profit-driven heart was already bent on it [Read More…]

For Those Who Constantly Appeal to the Uniformed Authority Figure…

…as the justification for lying and tempting people to do evil so that you can then catch the tempted person doing the evil, do consider this: In his new book, The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism, investigative journalist Trevor Aaronson analyzes 10 years of terrorism cases that were prosecuted in the [Read More…]

Why I’m a Pain in the Butt About Live Action’s Tactics

Why do I worry about the distortions and contortions Live Action supporters pretzel themselves into in order to justify tempting somebody to commit murder for the camera? Here’s why: “Mark, wasn’t Jesus kind of tempting the Romans to mortal sin to kill Him? I mean, if He had just given Pilate a reason to let [Read More…]

Wow! What a powerful story of mercy!

A moving story from the Second World War: The pilot glanced outside his cockpit and froze. He blinked hard and looked again, hoping it was just a mirage. But his co-pilot stared at the same horrible vision. “My God, this is a nightmare,” the co-pilot said. “He’s going to destroy us,” the pilot agreed. The [Read More…]

Zero Dark Thirty Has Given a Boost to the “Torture Works!” Crowd

That’s not actually true, as real interrogators who are not actors keep pointing out. But moviemakers, in certain circumstances, love to say it does anyway when they want their heroes to look at gritty, badass, and willing to cut moral corners for the Greater Good. And the Thing that Used to be Conservatism *loves* torture. [Read More…]

Consequentialism is Always a Faustian Bargain

After all those years of Catholics arguing for the mortal sin of torture in my comboxes, twisting themselves in a vast catalog of logical pretzels to do it, it turns out that in addition to being gravely evil, torture (as we should have known all along) doesn’t work. Of course, the Republicans on the committee, [Read More…]

The Case for Voting for the Non-Intrinsic Evil Candidate

The Church’s argument for the Lesser of Two Evils candidates is simple and obvious: Better the corrupt guy who may accidently do some good or at least not be as passionate about doing evil than the guy bound and determined to do grave evil. Anybody can see the reasonableness of this. The problem comes in [Read More…]

Good Thing It’s not Torture

Delaware Pediatrician(!) Waterboards Daughter It’s been conclusively shown by the best Catholic ethics money can buy that this is not torture. Now we have confirmation from the medical community as well. And, of course, the most deeply conservative minds of our time love it and laugh about it. As I’ve pointed out for some time, [Read More…]