How Mere Christianity….

…made me a Catholic. Convert Edwin Woodruff Tait offers one attempt to articulate one of the considerations that finally made him a Catholic–the necessity and, at the same time, the insufficiency of “Mere Christianity.” A typically thoughtful read from a typically thoughtful man. [Read more…]

Entire Pentecostal Congregation Joins Catholic Church

…including the pastor and his wife.  Welcome!  Lovely to have you!  Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ! [Read more…]

On Leaving the Church of England

Interesting story of a surprised convert: [Read more…]

Please Welcome David Russell Mosley…

…to the Catholic communion! He will be received at the Easter Vigil. Such joyous news! [Read more…]

What do you remember about your first Mass?

Matt Swaim asks a bunch of converts, including Yr Obdt. Svt., that question over at the Coming Home Network. Feel free to add your own story in the comboxes below. [Read more…]

Lovely to See More Converts!

Just passed the 28th Anniversary of my own reception into the Church on December 20, 1987. Sherry Weddell and I were received at Sacred Heart Parish in the shadow of the Space Needle on the last Sunday of Advent. Seems like yesterday and a million years ago, and what a long strange trip it’s been. [Read More…]

Speaking of Marcus Grodi and the Coming Home Network

Kevin Lowry of CHNetwork writes to announce the publication of Catholic Q & A: Essentials of the Faith: It’s by our dear late friend Fr. Ray Ryland. He and his wife were also very close friends of my parents, so my dad pulled this ebook together as a labor of love, and it turned out [Read More…]

My friend Brandon Sheard tells the story of his conversion

I have very fond memories of the day he discusses. What a wonderful family! And, by the way, I just gotta give a shout out to Marcus Grodi, who has so faithfully given so many converts a chance to tell their stories and bear witness to Christ while building up the Church. What a gift [Read More…]

An Orthodox Reader Returns to the Catholic Communion

…and asks for prayer: Mark, thank you for your short, but insightful answer to an Orthodox reader’s question about why you were not Orthodox. I was Orthodox … until yesterday, when I returned to the Catholic Church. Your answer popped up in search results after I had turned to Google, in the midst of Pope [Read More…]

“Convinced” is Coming

A summer or two back, a fellow named Don Johnson, a passionate Catholic evangelist, came to my house and interviewed me for a film he was doing on Catholic converts. We had a great time chatting and he then went his merry way on a grand tour of the rest of the country getting interviews with [Read More…]