Please Welcome David Russell Mosley…

…to the Catholic communion! He will be received at the Easter Vigil. Such joyous news! [Read more…]

What do you remember about your first Mass?

Matt Swaim asks a bunch of converts, including Yr Obdt. Svt., that question over at the Coming Home Network. Feel free to add your own story in the comboxes below. [Read more…]

Lovely to See More Converts!

Just passed the 28th Anniversary of my own reception into the Church on December 20, 1987. Sherry Weddell and I were received at Sacred Heart Parish in the shadow of the Space Needle on the last Sunday of Advent. Seems like yesterday and a million years ago, and what a long strange trip it’s been. [Read More…]

Speaking of Marcus Grodi and the Coming Home Network

Kevin Lowry of CHNetwork writes to announce the publication of Catholic Q & A: Essentials of the Faith: It’s by our dear late friend Fr. Ray Ryland. He and his wife were also very close friends of my parents, so my dad pulled this ebook together as a labor of love, and it turned out [Read More…]

My friend Brandon Sheard tells the story of his conversion

I have very fond memories of the day he discusses. What a wonderful family! And, by the way, I just gotta give a shout out to Marcus Grodi, who has so faithfully given so many converts a chance to tell their stories and bear witness to Christ while building up the Church. What a gift [Read More…]

An Orthodox Reader Returns to the Catholic Communion

…and asks for prayer: Mark, thank you for your short, but insightful answer to an Orthodox reader’s question about why you were not Orthodox. I was Orthodox … until yesterday, when I returned to the Catholic Church. Your answer popped up in search results after I had turned to Google, in the midst of Pope [Read More…]

“Convinced” is Coming

A summer or two back, a fellow named Don Johnson, a passionate Catholic evangelist, came to my house and interviewed me for a film he was doing on Catholic converts. We had a great time chatting and he then went his merry way on a grand tour of the rest of the country getting interviews with [Read More…]

10 Things Not to Say to a Convert

A pretty funny piece from Abby Johnson. I like the graphics. The only thing she left out was “You just did it to get rich and turn the Church Protestant.” [Read more…]

None Are Welcome on Their Own Terms

This is the flip side of the Elton John discussion and is also, paradoxically, perfectly biblical. The way Jesus puts it is this: Now great multitudes accompanied him; and he turned and said to them, “If any one comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and [Read More…]

I’ve always respected Gary Sinise

He’s a fine actor and his money-where-his-mouth is dedication to our troops and first responders has always shown he was the real deal. So I’m thrilled to discover that he entered the Church in 2010.  He tells the story here. [Read more…]