I’ve always respected Gary Sinise

He’s a fine actor and his money-where-his-mouth is dedication to our troops and first responders has always shown he was the real deal. So I’m thrilled to discover that he entered the Church in 2010.  He tells the story here. [Read more…]

The Moxieful Leah Libresco Gets Interviewed about her conversion

…by the president of Atheist Ireland: [Read more…]

The Lovely Part About the Easter Season is the Conversion Stories

A Scandanavian Megachurch pastor is among the sheaves gathered in this year. Very cool to see. Plus, “Ulf Eckman” is a badass name. [Read more…]

“Mark!” People Ask Me, “Why Did You Become a Catholic Writer?”

“Was it because of the vast riches?  The women who fling themselves at you during your globe-trotting investigative journalism junkets to exotic locales?  The cocaine-fueled parties with Jimmy Akin, Patrick Madrid, and the entire Dominican order?  The mimosas at poolside with Gwyneth Paltrow as you plan the destruction of all that is good and holy [Read More…]

An Atheist Father…

…wrestles with the fact that his beloved daughter wants to be a Catholic. [Read more…]

Gay Convert Defends the Church

A reader writes: I wanted to share a post that a friend of mine wrote recently. Norm is a convert to Catholicism, and also a homosexual. Recently several articles were written about the evils of the Catholic church in the school paper of his alma mater. He responds with charity, clarity, and personal experience. Well [Read More…]

The Real Reason I’m a Catholic Writer

Sometimes you get emails like this: I just wanted to send you a quick note as one of your blog fans and someone who has contacted you in the past regarding your book, By What Authority. It is a long story, but this past Sunday my husband, 20-year-old daughter, and 15-year-old son were all confirmed [Read More…]

Behold the Mackerel Snapper Blog!

Written by a convert for the benefit of those who are either not Catholic or who are considering becoming Catholic. Check it out! [Read more…]

Why I Do What I Do

A reader very graciously writes: 8 years ago, I was trapped between my heart’s recognition of Christ in the Eucharist and my deep desire to be united to the Church and my intellectual integrity which would not allow me to give my “Amen” to everything the Church teaches when I certainly did not know, understand, [Read More…]

I owe Paul McCusker a huge debt

The guy helped raise our kids by writing fifty bazillion Adventures in Odyssey episodes, not to mention playing the slimy Phillip Glossman, who you just want to slap. So I was particularly pleased to hear he’d become a Catholic a few years ago. And at last report, he lives out in Colorado Springs, where Sherry [Read More…]