My friend Patrick Coffin interviewed my friend Marcus Daly

…on Mercy and the Denial of Death: [Read more…]

Hey Meat Lovers!

My friend Lauren writes: Hello fellow food lover, This is Lauren Sheard, co-owner of Farmstead Meatsmith.  Brandon and I have been following your work for sometime now, and have had the chance to be in touch with you with projects, events and publicity of various kinds over the years. We are currently launching a new [Read More…]

Laser tech uncovers 1600 year old Christian frescoes…

…in Rome’s biggest catacombs. Extremely cool! [Read more…]

Visual Effects Artist Makes Ad to Sell his Used Car

…and winds up with 2 million offers due to this: [Read more…]

Speaking of the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

Here is a piece by Yariv Binnun, the creator of the Israel Instititute of Biblical Studies, on the evolution that led to its creation.  Very interesting stuff! The Story behind eTeacher’s Foundation  The use of the cellular phone in Israel began in the 90s and by the mid 90s cellular phones had become widespread. I understood [Read More…]

The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

Here’s a piece I wrote for Catholic Exchange on a nifty idea called the Israel Institute for Biblical Studies. The idea is to join on-line courses taught by world class experts in biblical languages that you can take in the comfort of your own home.  The classes (worth college credit at the Hebrew University of [Read More…]

How Splendid! How wonderful! How Joyous!

[Read more…]

God Turns Human Trash…

…into a thing of beauty. [Read more…]

Montreal Bishop Tom Dowd is a really good guy

When I got canned by the Register the blood feast online was at fever pitch (lead by a priest no less) I got a phone call from Bp. Dowd out of the blue. A call from a bishop was the last thing on earth I expected. He asked how I was doing–like a father does. [Read More…]

There is now a virtual tour of my beloved parish, Blessed Sacrament

Available on line. Very cool! [Read more…]