Behold the Livermore, California Fire Department Light Bulb Web Cam!

That’s not just any light bulb. That’s a light bulb that has been in use for 112 years. [Read more...]

Awesome Parents…

…have fun with their kids–and dinosaurs!  Somehow this seem particularly appropriate for the Feast of St. Nicholas. [Read more...]

People Say, “Extinction is Forever” Like It’s a *Bad* Thing

It went extinct 65 million years ago.It was the weight of a bus, and it could open it’s jaws wider than a man is tall.  It ate full-grown crocodiles for breakfast. Creatures I can do without, who never will be missed. People sometimes wonder why God would lavish his attention on 13.5 billion years of [Read More...]

Catholic Projects to be Proud Of

Check ‘em out here! [Read more...]

Space Engine…

is a piece of freeware that is slathered in Awesome Sauce. If you are interested in exploring the cosmos, check thou it out. [Read more...]

We Dark Lords Find This Kind of Thing Deeply Inspiring

Watch to the end, particularly as that last metronome (the one on the right in the second row) comes to love Big Brother and submit to the General Will. As your Dear Leader, I vow that I will use any means necessary to bring this beautiful order out of the chaos of decadent Western freedom. [Read more...]


[Read more...]

Help Spark the 21st Century Catholic Fiction Revival!

With the Catholic, Ink. Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign [Read more...]

People Can Be So Beautiful

San Francisco transforms into Gotham so 5 year old boy with leukemia can fight crime as Batkid [Read more...]

Fr. Dangerous, Bionic Priest

Starring my friend Eric Kaiser Johnson, who once successfully got me acquitted of charges of abandonment, adultery, burglary *and* attemped murder. The guy is a true mensch. [Read more...]