My Awesome Wife Made This….

…for our goofy son, Peter.  He wears it while slaying virtual dragons out in our garage. [Read more…]

This is a Big Deal

Lower rent Egyptians got mummy masks made from scraps of papyrus, sort of like papier mache. So what? So this: it looks like at least one mummy mask dating from the first century has, among other scraps, a fragment of the oldest know gospel manuscript in history, a piece of the gospel of Mark. It [Read More…]

This Guy is Good!

[Read more…]

Faith on the Ferry!

A nifty apostolate on the wave of Puget Sound! [Read more…]

Dear The Internet: I require this for my happiness and fulfilment as a human being

[Read more…]

Inside the Army’s Hidden Treasure Warehouse

No.  Really.  There is such a place. [Read more…]

Jazz-infused, hip hop, beat poet Peter Kreeft

Amazing mashup from a talk by my fave philosophy prof, Peter Kreeft: HT: Brandon Vogt, who has a genius for finding these little treasures. [Read more…]

Dear The Internet: I cannot live without one of these

Since I cannot live without this, I regard this as health care. How do I convince President Obama to make you pay for this? Please advise. [Read more…]

A 5-Year-Old Worries Voyager Will Get Lonely…

…Receives Best Answer Ever [Read more…]

It’s really quite a cozy little planet God has created for us

We live in the hollow of his Hand, protected from all sorts of stuff that howls in the void outside and seeks our destruction. The earth is like a sheltered nursery or a warm cabin with a bright crackling fire in the fireplace while a storm rages outside the door and wolves stalk the dark [Read More…]