Ordinary, Season 2 is on the air!

This is hilarious: Please help keep this fine little indie series bouncing along by supporting their Kickstarter here. We need more like it. [Read more…]

The Indomitable Brandon Vogt Continues to be an Unstoppable Juggernaut of Good Ideas

He writes: For years people have asked me how I read so much. They see me knock out 75-100 books a year and ask, “How do you do it?! What are your secrets?!” Hearing those questions, over and over, led me to spend the last seven months creating a new 10-part video course titled “Read [Read More…]

I love the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

So I wanted to give a little linky love to their new show “Icons”. Check thou it out! [Read more…]

Meet the Three Priests…

…whose work may allow us to explore under the ice of alien worlds. [Read more…]

The Book of Kells has been digitized…

…and is now available on line for free. Had a chance to see it when I was in Dublin back in ’06. Very cool. And the Library at Trinity College is the archetypal vision of what an old library should look like. [Read more…]

Japanese Craftsman Makes *Amazing* Replicas of Sundry Sci Fi Spacecraft

…entirely out of paper. I’ve wasted my life. [Read more…]

I have two left feet

…but have always wished I could dance  as I have always wished  I could play a musical instrument.  I think a trained and gifted dancer is one of the most beautiful sights in the world.  So while I can’t do it myself, I think exploring a “theology of dance” would be worthwhile since “the earth [Read More…]

My Awesome Wife Made This….

…for our goofy son, Peter.  He wears it while slaying virtual dragons out in our garage. [Read more…]

This is a Big Deal

Lower rent Egyptians got mummy masks made from scraps of papyrus, sort of like papier mache. So what? So this: it looks like at least one mummy mask dating from the first century has, among other scraps, a fragment of the oldest know gospel manuscript in history, a piece of the gospel of Mark. It [Read More…]

This Guy is Good!

[Read more…]