Jason Lee…

is a super-awesome Dad. [Read more...]

Snopes Has the True Dish

…on Dracula. [Read more...]

Reader Kate Cousino writes…

I’m just writing to share with you this link to a piece I wrote on Chesterton and gratitude (as I told you before, I kept envisioning you while reading Manalive, so it seems fitting that you should see what that reading resulted in!) I also wanted to direct your attention to the website that piece [Read More...]

Star Trek Continues: The Pilgrim of Eternity

This is nifty. New Original Series episodes made by fans. I’l watch anything where the guy playing Kirk is named “Vic”. Plus, Jimmy Doohan’s kid playing Scotty! Jimmy Doohan lived not far from me in Woodinville, WA, God rest his soul. I can ride my bike over there from my house on the Burke-Gilman trail! [Read more...]

Creation doesn’t just speak the glory of God

It sings it with crickets… and even with the brainwaves of seizure patients: The complaint, “If there’s a God, then why the seizures?” is dwarfed, I think, by “If there’s no God, then why these beautiful human beings?” We believe in a God who is crucified and risen, who brings life out of suffering and [Read More...]

More Extreme Coolness

Magnificent! [Read more...]

Because This Just Never Gets Old

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Yay! The third episode of “Ordinary” is up!

Episode 3: Los Pollos Hermanos from Key Row Pictures on Vimeo. [Read more...]

Attention Jonathan Coulton Lovers!

Somebody is trying to turn the music of Jonathan Coulton into a musical and has started a Kickstarter page to get it off the ground.  A worthy effort. [Read more...]

Extreme Coolness

I love belonging to a species that can do this. Thanks be to God for human creativity. [Read more...]