SciPhi Journal is on the Air!

A reader writes: Hope all is well. There’s a new journal that your readers might find interesting, as it treats both science fiction and philosophy (and Christianity!) seriously, called the Sci Phi Journal. Its first issue is just out on Amazon and elsewhere. While not expressly Christian in outlook, it provides a place where stories [Read More…]

More Church History video from Paul Cat!

The Iconoclast Controversy [Read more…]

Another Church History vid from Paul Cat!

Fall of Rome, Rise of Monks (which totally sounds like a video game title) [Read more…]

Paul Catalanotto has put together some nifty Church history vids

Here’s one on Arius and Nicaea: [Read more…]

Who Can Not Love This Guy?

[Read more…]

In a time of global fear and uncertainty…

…one man brought hope and joy to a troubled world–BY RECREATING FAWLTY TOWERS IN LEGOS! [Read more…]

Want to win a Douay-Rheims Haydock Catholic Bible?

Here’s your shot. [Read more…]

Did you know that C.S. Lewis reviewed “1984”?

Neither did I. [Read more…]

Drones Coming to Disney

Drones don’t *have* to be for killing and intruding on your privacy.  They can also be fun. [Read more…]

Aurora Borealis Might be Visible tonight!

Yo!  All you Northern Hemispherians!  If you’re not doing anything around midnight and after, you might step out and see the aurora borealis! [Read more…]