Brad Birzer Verily Doth Rock

Here he is, being awesome: Western man stood on the field, watching the Horsemen and their hordes advance. Did they really have to choose? And, if so, what to choose? Things that made him comfortable; or things that made him human? The enemy offered death and destruction, but western man no longer understood what he [Read More...]

Props to Bush 41

President George H. W. Bush shaved his head this week in solidarity with Patrick, a young boy who has leukemia. Patrick’s dad served on President Bush’s Secret Service detail. [Read more...]

The Indomitable John C. Wright

…continues his multi-part apologia for the Catholic faith in his inimitable style.  He is such *fun* to read.  Where else can you find a Catholic apologist who also has pithy observations about Wonder Woman’s new costume and the worthiness of Solomon Kane, Puritan Adventurer to be Leader of the Free World?  Plus, snazzy hat: [Read more...]

Interesting Interview with Mike Flynn

here.  If you want to learn to write science fiction, he has two pieces of advice: 1. Learn science. 2. Learn fiction. [Read more...]

Vote for “The Coffinmaker”!

Remember this gorgeous little film?: Marcus writes me: I received the below email from Dan McComb, maker of “The Coffinmaker” video. It is in a Smithsonian Magazine contest which includes a “people’s choice” category. Would you consider voting for it and spreading the word to others to do the same? I think it is a [Read More...]

This is Cool

Reminds me of my Dad, who was in England at the same time. I watched it partly hoping I might catch a glimpse of him. No such luck. The courage of these guys is amazing. They get into unarmed planes and fly off into Nazi airspace. Wow. [Read more...]

Speaking of Ye Olde Statistician

He sends along this link to a fascinating article called “Are You Out of Your Brain? Reflections on Free Will and Neuroscience” which explains why Thomism does a vastly better job of dealing with the mind/body problem than the crude materialism of crude materialists who atheist dogma demands that the mind has to be reduced [Read More...]


No. Not him: Him! The boring and stupid explanation for this name is that he was found in Mongolia and Khaan is Mongolian for “lord” and blah blah.  That’s the sort of things grownups say. Me: I choose to believe this dinosaur was named for Khan Noonien Singh.  I can and I will.  So there.  [Read More...]

My Blog Has a Painting of Daleks and Dinosaurs

Your argument is invalid. Plus, you’re ugly. [Read more...]

I, for one, am looking forward to Father Dangerous, Bionic Priest

Who wouldn’t be? I’ll go see anything starring the guy who got me off the adultery, burglary and murder raps. [Read more...]