Catholic Fiction…

….continues to do interesting things! [Read more...]

“A man does not grow a beard in a fit of passion.” – G.K. Chesterton

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The Extremely Impressive Cady and Benjamin Crosby…

are touring their Titanic Heroes presentations around the country this summer.  If you can, go see them and learn about the heroes of the Titanic, the four chaplains of the Dorchester, and the Battle of Lepanto.  We saw them last summer at the Chesterton Conference in Reno.  These kids are a force of nature. [Read more...]

My Friend Marcus Daly Stars…

in Vimeo’s Staff Pick of the Day. It’s a short, very beautiful, film on his Catholic coffin-making apostolate. Marcus is the real deal. He lives on Vashon Island near Seattle with his fambly. We will be hanging out with them (and a bunch of other friends and fambly) this weekend when we all head to [Read More...]

Hm. Okay. I Suppose

But I still think this is way cooler: [Read more...]

It’s the Catholic Controversies Video Library!

The clever Stephen Gabriel, fresh from publishing Catholic Controversies (with a couple of essays by Yr. Obdt. Svt. as well as a lot of much better essays by a bunch of much better writers) has now set up the very cool Catholic Controversies Video Library.  Sez he: Moorings Press just launched the Catholic Controversies Video [Read More...]

Reader Lori Pieper writes with a generous offer

Thanks so much for hosting the “Angels and Saints at Ephesus” giveaway — what a sign of hope for all us weary toilers out there! And I’m not saying this just because I won (though I still can’t believe I won anything). I think the only fair thing to do in return is to offer [Read More...]

Ho. Lee. Cow!

My friend Tom just got famous: He is, by the way, a fantastic violinist and you’ve heard him since he has played (along with his wife Virginia) on a zillion film and TV soundtracks. A few years ago, he very generously got us Sheas into Teatro Zinzanni here in Seattle, where he played in the [Read More...]

So This is Pretty Cool

Guy builds cool balloon-destroying laser from hollowed-out flashlight and a laser diode from a Blu-ray burner drive. [Read more...]

This is extremely cool!

HT: The awesome Kevin Knight, who find extremely cool things on a regular basis. [Read more...]