The Latest in Thagomizer Science

from the Smithsonian.  May I, in a moment of local patriotic pride, just point out that Gary Larson is from Seattle.  In fact, one of his cover shots was actually taken by stuffing him into one of the exhibits at the Woodland Park Zoo reptile house with a little ID tag on the display reading [Read More...]

The Most Excellent Matt Warner writes:

Any of the following fun things (especially #1) of interest to your audience? 1) For BUSY people: Innovative way to Read the Catechism in a Year (for the Year of faith): 2) Trying to let every diocese know about: 3) The recent partnership between and Lighthouse Catholic Media – all the fun [Read More...]

Another cool shoe idea

The Gum Shoe Only problem: $2240 price tag. [Read more...]

Soundcloud is this cool site…

with cool recordings about cool stuff. Here is the story of the origin of the Teddy Bear and it’s also-ran competitor, the Billy Possum, named for William Howard Taft: As a bonus, here is a curious story on 15 sounds of the artificial world that you never think about, but somebody worked hard to create: [Read more...]

I don’t know what these mean…

but I can’t help thinking “These are cool in a sort of retro 70s incredibly bad taste way.” Don’t hate me. [Read more...]

Inspiring FanFic!

So a while back, I took a walk with my guys. Luke brought a camera along for no particular reason and, it being digital and therefore capable of taking a near infinite number of pictures for nothing, he started playing around with stop motion while we were on the walk. The result was this bit [Read More...]

Reader Patrick Gothman…

…is on his way to France to join a religious order, so he’s “feeling a little less shameless about shameless self-promotion”, therefore here is a talk he recently gave to his parish’s youth group at a retreat called “In His Image” about being free as God’s sons and daughters to come before him as we are. Check thou it! [Read more...]

Leah Libresco…

…has awesome Philosophy T-Shirts that All Mankind badly needs. By the way, speaking of awesome T-shirts: I already have mine. How can you not have yours yet? I’m thinking of creating something similar with a black on red mugshot of Yr Obdt Svt and “Viva Shea!” legend on it. Any takers? [Read more...]

Another reason I love my parish…

…is that it has awesome people who go there, such as our friends the Dziekonskis, who are professional musicians. They have played on a bunch of film and TV scores (I once got to watch them and a huge orchestra recording the score for the “Battlestar Galactica” reboot). And they play for lots of symphonys [Read More...]

I love living in the 21st Century

Teen Googles his way to new cancer-testing method. [Read more...]

Why I Love Fr. Robert Barron

He can take anything and turn it into a teaching moment: [Read more...]

Cool Catholic Car-cana

A reader sends this along: EARLY CATHOLIC AUTOMOBILISTS: FERDINAND VERBIEST Xiping Zhang: [Jesuit priest and missionary to China] Ferdinand Verbiest was a man with ingenious mind. He made many mechanical equipments and instruments by himself. In the year of 1679, he made a thermometer and hygrometer successfully and gave them to Emperor Kangxi. The most [Read More...]