Hey Oakland and Parts Surrounding!

Please join the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology for “Reflections on the Final Volume of Pope Benedict XVI’s Jesus of Nazareth. Our panel will engage and reflect on the Infancy Narratives as we all prepare for the coming of Christ at Christmas. Wednesday, December 12, 7:30 pm, 2301 Vine Street, Berkeley. For more information [Read More...]

I bet *your* lame-o city…

…doesn’t have a team of superheros defending it! Another reason Seattle rocks. [Read more...]

Here’s a Nifty Little Story…

…on the bishops and bloggers confab in Baltimore. The only thing I would add is that Rocco Palmo sounds *uncannily* like Matt Pinto, the head of Ascension Press and author of Did Adam and Eve Have Belly Buttons?. Make of that what you will: [Read more...]

Fellow Blessed Sacramentertarianitonian Kevin Birnbaum writes

I’ve got a new blog I’m calling “the candle.” The tagline is “A hodgepodge of beauty, truth, and goodness,” and my posting philosophy is “at least one beautiful thing each day” — in both words and images, including original photography. So far I’ve got posts on sacred art, astronomy, Gerard Manley Hopkins, genocide survival, Scripture, the Catechism, and [Read More...]

It’s Amazing How Much Food This Thing Holds!

[Read more...]

The Future!

For a fun archeological expedition into previous futures, check out PaleoFuture. My own thoughts about the peculiar hubris of 19th and 20th century prophets of THE FUTURE and how they compare with the rather modest claims of Christian prophecy and eschatology are here. [Read more...]

I still love this at Halloween

[Read more...]

This Sounds Fun

War of the Worlds: The True Story! [Read more...]

Phone the Neighbors and Wake the Kids!

The new Dappled Things is out! It features two pieces you might find particularly interesting: first, an excerpt of a new translation of Leon Bloy’s novel The Woman Who Was Poor, which is the novel that led to the conversion of Jaques Maritain, and, by God’s grace, kept him and his wife Raissa from committing [Read More...]

Msgr. Charles Mangan writes…

Dear Mark, Praised be Jesus Christ! Hail Mary! Hail St. Joseph! I thought that you may like to know and to alert your readers that the Office of the Marian Apostolate in the Diocese of Sioux Falls, with the desire to promote the daily recitation of the Most Holy Rosary against the backdrop of this [Read More...]

The Unstoppable Brandon Vogt….

…has a great video of a conversation between himself and Fr. Robert Barron. Check it out! [Read more...]

Greetings from 37,000 feet!

I give you “Higgs Boson: The Musical”! [Read more...]