Extremely Cool Article on Exploring…

…the deepest cave system in the world. [Read more…]

My son worked on this wonderful ad

Sadly, none of his work is in the final edit, but he is now the world’s foremost expert on how to draw Gary Busey’s teeth. And they say art is not crucial to human flourishing. [Read more…]

Robert Downey, Jr…..

…is a mensch. [Read more…]

Coolest. Toy. EVAR!!!

[Read more…]

They Think They Might be Able to Clone a Mammoth

As somebody who thinks Jurassic Park would be extremely cool, I favor this. Plus, I want to see Putin, shirtless, and riding one of these in battle, painted on the side of a van at a New Jersey rest stop. [Read more…]

I love Australia

Beautiful country.   Wonderful people.  And full of horrible monsters that want to kill you: such as this giant snake that fought and killed and ate a crocodile. I’ll never forget the children of my friend Peter Holmes in Sydney, lovingly poring over their Big Coffee Table Book of Nasty Things In Australia that Want to Kill You.  It’s [Read More…]

Italian nun crushes it

Fun to watch the gobsmacked judges. Now the trick will be to keep her head in the midst of fame. Who knows, though, what God might use her for? He gives all sorts of amazing gifts for a reason. She’s definitely got one. Br. Tom Fetz, if you are out there and reading this, I [Read More…]

Best. Pharmacist. Evar!!!

Prescribes anti-monster spray for six year old troubled by monsters under her bed. Also great is the comment under the article: As a monster, I must say I am deeply offended by the tone of this article. [Read more…]

A droll Russian Orthodox Nun

Happy Lent. Here are some thoughts from a funny Russian Orthodox nun (who has toned down her deadpan humor a bit because of the subject). She is a priest’s daughter from New York, the star student of Byzantine liturgiologist Fr. Robert Taft, S.J. and a professor of liturgiology at the University of Vienna. [Read more…]

This is pretty fun

Finnish girl knows the tune, but not the words of various languages: [Read more…]