Extremely Cool

I just hope that Tesla used his Time Travel device to visit 2014 and see this. [Read more…]

Verbum Software…

is offering a nifty deal. They write: We’ve just launched our new website (verbum.com) and are hosting a giveaway. This is a great free way to get a laptop+Verbum in people’s hands. Seems like a sweet deal to me. I use Verbum’s extremely useful software everyday. [Read more…]

I believe the United States should commit itself, before this decade is out…

…to turning the moon into a giant disco ball and installing it in low orbit around the earth!  We choose to discofy the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard! [Read more…]

Glorious and Awesome!

I’ve wasted my life. [Read more…]

Extremely Cool Article on Exploring…

…the deepest cave system in the world. [Read more…]

My son worked on this wonderful ad

Sadly, none of his work is in the final edit, but he is now the world’s foremost expert on how to draw Gary Busey’s teeth. And they say art is not crucial to human flourishing. [Read more…]

Robert Downey, Jr…..

…is a mensch. [Read more…]

Coolest. Toy. EVAR!!!

[Read more…]

They Think They Might be Able to Clone a Mammoth

As somebody who thinks Jurassic Park would be extremely cool, I favor this. Plus, I want to see Putin, shirtless, and riding one of these in battle, painted on the side of a van at a New Jersey rest stop. [Read more…]

I love Australia

Beautiful country.   Wonderful people.  And full of horrible monsters that want to kill you: such as this giant snake that fought and killed and ate a crocodile. I’ll never forget the children of my friend Peter Holmes in Sydney, lovingly poring over their Big Coffee Table Book of Nasty Things In Australia that Want to Kill You.  It’s [Read More…]