This is extremely cool!

HT: The awesome Kevin Knight, who find extremely cool things on a regular basis. [Read more...]

Stephen Gabriel…

…who is no relation to Peter Gabriel, nor to the archangel, nor to St. Stephen, but who *is* the editor of the very useful book Catholic Controversies (to which I contributed a couple of essays and which you can buy here), writes: The Arlington Catholic Herald featured a new Women’s Magazine called Verily. My daughter, [Read More...]

Nifty little app

Reader Patrick Leinen writes: Just letting you know we just released Wake Up to the Creed for iPhone and Android. SInce it is a smaller app, we’re not going to do a big press release or anything like that. Check thou it out. [Read more...]

Ancient Astronauts No Doubt are to Blame

Ancient really big pile of rocks found at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee. If I had interstellar travel capacity, I would totally go to another star system and pile up rocks. [Read more...]


Will Ferrell, Jack Black to star in “Tag Brothers”, based on the epic game of Tag played by Fr. Sean Raftis and his friends… I had lunch with Fr. Sean once here in Seattle.  Didn’t know about his secret life as a Tag player at the time.  This sort of thing fills me with joy. [Read more...]

Here’s a lovely apostolate

A reader writes: As the Outreach Developer for the Shrine of Christ the King in Chicago, IL with the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, I was wondering if you would be willing to embed a link about the Offerings to the Infant King that we do from the 17th – 25th of each month. Everyone submits [Read More...]

Science Awesomeness

University of British Columbia researchers have discovered two new symbionts living in the gut of termites, and taken the unusual step of naming them after fictional monsters created by American horror author HP Lovecraft. The single-cell protists, Cthulhu macrofasciculumque and Cthylla microfasciculumque, help termites digest wood. The researchers decided to name them after monstrous cosmic [Read More...]

Sheer Awesomeness

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Here’s an interesting Peruvian Apostolate

A reader writes: I wanted to simply introduce myself and a project I am working on. I am part of Catholic Community founded in Peru and at this point am studying for the priesthood in Rome. Together with a few others in my community and a group of 15 or so youth, we are administrating [Read More...]


Why? Because awesome! [Read more...]