One of the Lesser Known Facts about Oscar Romero…

…is that he was a fan of the dreaded albino assassin cult, Opus Dei.  That doesn’t fit the NPR/National Catholic Reporter narrative of oppressive right wing hierarchical Church vs. plucky rebel alliance Liberation Theologian.  Speaking of Romero, a reader writes: I thought you might enjoy seeing a music video that we just produced on Oscar [Read More...]

I am a failure and have wasted my entire life

[Read more...]

How Fun to Have a Kid Who is an Artist…

If you are looking for a good graphic artist and/or animator, you should hire him. Here’s another bit of stuff he’s been experimenting with, stop motion photography (from our trip to the Field Museum when we were in Chicago for Cow and Claire’s wedding): [Read more...]

Despite people telling me it was a fairy tale…

science fiction, a waste of time, never going to happen, not even worth exploring, going to have bugs (unlike all other new tech), therefore too risky to even attempt, the ignorant suggestion of a lit major who should really just stick to what he knows and not bring his buttercup-twirling utopian ideas into the world [Read More...]

Speaking of which, here is another cool story of lives you never heard of

It’s the story of a family who fled the soviets in the 30s and lived in the wilderness, cut off from all human contact, for 40 years. [Read more...]

A priest I know is doing something both cool and bizarre

Playing the world’s longest running game of tag. [Read more...]

Reasons Why I Love Reader Victor Lams: An Ongoing Series

Today’s reason: he finds stuff like this: For more of Victor Lams’ delightful dementia, go here. [Read more...]

Woman Chained to Abortion Table 35 Years Ago…

saves a human life. [Read more...]

Lizzie Scalia has big news!

About the latest project from the extremely cool Fr. Robert Barron. [Read more...]

Cracked Catches up with Mike Flynn

It’s consoling when a humor magazine with NSFW language written for college students of the intelligentsia class starts subverting the dominant paradigm by making hip historical truths that Mike Flynn has been pointing out for some time. Turns out we’re not a thousand years smarter than all those medievals like St. Thomas. [Read more...]