Extremely cool!

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Literally Unbelievable is a website devoted to the task of tracking suckers across the web who take Onion stories as actual news. Some of these memes spread very far and wind up in state-run newspapers (who can forget the NoKo dictator voted “sexiest man alive”) or forming the basis for big societal trends (like the [Read More...]

For all your conclave tech needs!

Andrew Jones from Logos.com writes: I hope all is well. A couple things: I spoke with Luke and passed his information along to the design manager. I’ll follow up next week. Also, we have just released a free mobile app called “Conclave.” I wonder if you would be willing to let your audiences know about [Read More...]

For all your List of Food Days Needs…

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Chestertonians: Making the World a Better and More Fun Place

A reader writes: My Dad, sister and I had the pleasure of meeting you in Reno at the Chesterton conference. We came up with THE POPE-U-LATOR and thought you might find this small app amusing/want to share it with your readers. The app lets you calculate which candidate is best given a set of criteria [Read More...]


or screaming goats? Boring, stupid, dull scientists in the comboxes are saying “foxes”.  But I’m going to go ahead and say “sasquatch” because romance is more important to human flourishing than so-called “fact”. [Read more...]

Karl Keating has fun with math

Here he is, debunking the notion that the meteor in Russia should have collided with one of our 300 geosynchronous satellites and the claim that this somehow proves the Alien Conspiracy. By the way, I’m pleased to report that when I asked my son Peter what the odds were of a major meteor strike on the [Read More...]

Love Peter Kreeft. Always Have. Always Will.

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One of the Lesser Known Facts about Oscar Romero…

…is that he was a fan of the dreaded albino assassin cult, Opus Dei.  That doesn’t fit the NPR/National Catholic Reporter narrative of oppressive right wing hierarchical Church vs. plucky rebel alliance Liberation Theologian.  Speaking of Romero, a reader writes: I thought you might enjoy seeing a music video that we just produced on Oscar [Read More...]

I am a failure and have wasted my entire life

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