I love living in the 21st Century

Teen Googles his way to new cancer-testing method. [Read more...]

Why I Love Fr. Robert Barron

He can take anything and turn it into a teaching moment: [Read more...]

Cool Catholic Car-cana

A reader sends this along: EARLY CATHOLIC AUTOMOBILISTS: FERDINAND VERBIEST Xiping Zhang: [Jesuit priest and missionary to China] Ferdinand Verbiest was a man with ingenious mind. He made many mechanical equipments and instruments by himself. In the year of 1679, he made a thermometer and hygrometer successfully and gave them to Emperor Kangxi. The most [Read More...]

Today’s Science Coolness…

New insect species discovered via Flickr. [Read more...]

A Joyous Weekend

So this past Saturday, I got invited out to a home on Vashon Island for an interesting and beautiful event. A young couple who had made their way through a number of Protestant traditions and recently become Catholic decided to host an event at their home in which various folks from Catholic and Evangelical traditions [Read More...]

An Odd Thing You Can Do to Promote the Faith

So Brett Salkeld recently entered a 2-Minute Thesis Competition at the comic strip website, Piled Higher and Deeper. I think it would be fantastic if his dissertation on transubstantiation managed to win the thing, so how’s about we go vote for it? Here’s the link. [Read more...]

More Wondrous Stuff

Mars Curiosity landing was a huge success! Go here if you want to follow the mission. [Read more...]

We live in a wondrous time

[Read more...]

Jack Palance

Ignatian Spiritual Retreat Director [Read more...]

How delightful!

Brandon Vogt interviews Peter Kreeft.  Two of my favorite people, chatting with each other! [Read more...]

I’m 28!

in Martian years. Of course, the real trick is calculating the age of a dog on other planets. For instance, how old is the……. Mars Rover! Ah me! I am sooooo funny! [Read more...]

Hey Seattle Shakespeare Lovers!

Tomorrow Sheas and friends will be at Woodland Park to see a double bill of Henry VIII and The Taming of the Shrew, starting at 3 PM. If you like, grab a picnic basket, blanket, and/or lawn chair and come enjoy live theatre. A noble Seattle tradition courtesy of Greenstage. Though this is Seattle, some [Read More...]