Mt. Rainier: Home of the Paranormal!

First, there was Kenneth Arnold and the birth of the UFO phenomenon. Then, there was the recent interdimensional portal that opened the other night. [Read more...]

For my 54th Birthday…

NASA is giving me seven minutes of extremely cool terror: How wonderful to live in such a time. [Read more...]

Brandon Vogt Interviews…

…the man who digitized the Summa, the Church Fathers, and the Catholic Encyclopedia; a one man Irish monastic movement saving civilization from the barbarians; the one, the only… let’s give it up for KEVIN KNIGHT!!!! [Read more...]

Catholic Familyland…

…offers a world class spiritual vacation during Holy Family Fest, according to 2 Catholic Men. [Read more...]

Nifty cool software from Logos!

I just downloaded a really nifty piece of software from that is going to make study of the Catechism way easier. They’ve got a lot of cool stuff. You should check ‘em out if you are looking for some very easy and helpful Catholic study resources. There’s a little tutorial here so you can [Read More...]

Jeepers I love Marc Barnes!

He writes: Introducing to you wonderful people, a grassroots movement in opposition to the use of artificial contraception, dedicated to bringing great sex to the entire universe. This website is the secular answer to artificial contraception, and contains tons of arguments from the fields of medicine, sociology and philosophy. Check out: Why the health benefits of [Read More...]

This is Freakin’ Awesome

People who invent things like this should get a Nobel Prize for Awesomeness. [Read more...]

Stephen King as Christian novelist

An interesting take on King that doesn’t really surprise me at all. I read an interview with him once in which he remarked that he saw himself standing in the great tradition of such New England Protestant preachers as Jonathan “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” Edwards. I also recall him writing a [Read More...]

Geert Chatrou is Some Kind of Genius

[Read more...]

Andromeda Galaxy…

is on a collision course with the Milky Way in four billion years!!!!! Chris Matthews: “How will this affect Obama’s re-election hopes?” Rush Limbaugh: “There were no Imminent Galactic Collisions Under Reagan. This is Due to Liberal Socialist Incompetence!” Spirit Daily: “Is Andromeda Collision the Fulfillment of Medjugorje Prophesy?” E. Michael Jones/Robert Sungenis: “Jew Science [Read More...]

Today’s Golden Platter Moment for Fiction Writers

Mike Flynn, one of the best fiction writers in the world, has very kindly begun a little series on “How to Write Fiction” on his blog. The first two installments are here and here. I am taking notes. Fun and informative stuff. [Read more...]

Extremely Cool!

All made of water: The human race rocks. [Read more...]