This sounds great!

Just got this from reader Neil Mussett: My name is Neil Mussett, and I wanted to let you know about an amazing, funny, and very substantive podcast on the Sunday Mass readings called “The Word on the Hill with the Lanky Guys” ( My brother, Father Peter Mussett, and Scott Powell (a Steubenville grad and [Read More…]

Behold the Awesome Map…

…of the Internet! [Read more…]

Francis is Cuckoo for Cocoa Popes

Somebody made a chocolate statue of the Pope. Yum! HT to reader Paul Potts for that unforgiveable pun By the way, it’s moment like this that I am really grateful for St. John Damascene’s defense of images in the Church that steered Christianity away from iconoclasm. Protestants who fret about religious statues forget that their [Read More…]

Hey! My friend Nicole DeMille was on the Journey Home…

with my other friend, Marcus Grodi! I think the world of these folks. Plus, Nicole is from Brooklyn and talks like my wonderful late mother-in-law so: bonus! [Read more…]

Peter Kreeft Goodness!

I’ll drop everything and listen when Peter Kreeft is speaking. [Read more…]

Today in Coolness

First, a WWII ace who once flew his plane through the Eiffel Tower in pursuit of a Nazi fighter has gone to his eternal reward. Eternal light to you through Christ our Lord and nice flying, ace! Thanks for helping to slay that monstrous regime. Second, science guys levitate stuff with sound. [Read more…]

Behold the Porkinator!

I salute the culinary Edison who promises to make Christmas festive with ingenious devices. [Read more…]

For all your Church Year Needs

…check out They offer a lot of great information and resources from an orthodox Catholic perspective. A couple of brothers run it. They both have degrees and one teaches at a Catholic school. [Read more…]

When you get two emails both titled “Shameless Self Promotion” from Two People…

…who don’t know each other, and you like them both, what do you do? Offer a twofer, of course! First, the lovely and excellent Erin Manning writes: Last fall you were immensely kind enough to help me spread the word that my first-ever children’s science fiction book, The Telmaj, was available for sale. May I [Read More…]

Chuck Norris doesn’t drink champagne…

He drinks *real* pain! This is fantastic: Also, gotta love the Hamlet quote. [Read more…]